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Learn more about products detailed description, pricing and service, Please send mail to us! Book&Periodicals, Wall Calendar, Daily Necessities, Stationary, Publicity Magazines, Greeting Card etc. SUBMITTEDNAZDAR's 2300 Series screen ink was formulated for use on glass and PET containers, but also aheres to a wide range of plastics. NAZDAR Ink Technologies, Shawnee, KS, has developed a container ink with multiple cure-reacting methods and a wide range of container materials. Formulated for use on glass and PET containers, the 2300 Series screen ink also adheres to a wide range of plastics, including HDPE and some LDPE.
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MONOPLAK Series is a ready-to-use, multipurpose ink, with excellent adhesion on a variety of substrates, such as for POP, loose leaf, and promotional products, etc.

MONOPLAK was designed for printers interested in the quality results provided by thixotropic properties of this ink series. Please use new inking roller ,or clear the used inking roller and printing form thoroughly, otherwise very little colored printing ink will a ffect invisible effect.. If you want to have a better effect ,need to take the printing material ,printing technology, the lathework and character on the product into consideration. 3M uses cookies on this site Detailed information on cookies and their use can be found in our Privacy Policy. These high performance, ultraviolet radiation-curable inks are used for production of multicolor graphics with 3Mâ„¢ Graphic Films. Please pay attention to MD varnish in some paper lack of folding resistant coatings, stamping performance. 2300 Series cures with traditional UV and UV-LED, and exhibits high chemical resistance, water resistance and color saturation. Don't miss this chance to read about new technologies, tips on expanding your business and the latest developments in the plastics decorating and assembly industry – absolutely FREE!
MONOPLAK is ready-to-print, NVP-free and RoHS compliant with excellent intercoat adhesion when printing multilayer Dubuit inks.

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The ink series includes transparent, opaque and four-color process inks and gloss clears for use on interior or exterior applications. While the UV energy, Please adjust UV energy to ensure proper curing in order to printed surface not fully back to stick and extinction. It also exhibits excellent adhesion properties on hard-to-adhere substrates such as corona treated polyole-fines and treated fluted polypropylene (Coroplastâ„¢), on which MONOPLAK adheres without any additives. Standard colors have a gloss finish, Process Colors are available in matte or gloss finish. This weather resistant ink produces a tough, flexible, chemical-resistant and abrasion-resistant coating.

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