Inspired by fellow neon artist Hid Saib, Leal reveals to us a hidden world that is only exposed under the illumination of ultraviolet light. If you want to see more of these remarkable UV light techniques, check out Into the Space by German artist Lisa Stroeher and these unbelievable glow-in-the-dark paintings by Japanese artist Que Houxo. Infralight Australia Pty Ltd supplies a wide range of ultraviolet curing lamps and  ultraviolet  drying lamps for the printing and coatings industry.
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Contact Russell Read at Infralight Australia with the information below and we will specifiy the correct lamp replacement for your ultraviolet curing system. Using neon paints and a black light, Leal narrows in on certain features and details of the human body. She gets close-up to her subjects to capture the intimate connection between the two figures, and the shadows and lights mix together to create a mesmerizing distortion between the forms and the paints.
Medium pressure lamps, also known as high intensity discharge lamps (HID) and mercury arc lamps are used for the treatment of water, curing of inks and varnishes in the printing industry.

The orange and green paint splatters mix together with blue skin to create surreal compositions where lips and hands pop out against the darkness. Whichever model UV system you are currently using, Infralight can supply or design a lamp to meet your needs.

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