UV Bonding is a process that allows us to bond or "glue" together glass or mirror creating custom display cases to fit any application.
Our comprehensive line of Hoenle UV curing systems can significantly optimize the curing (hardening) of UV curable adhesives, coatings, and sealants.
Tangent Industries offers a comprehensive line of UV curing systems that can significantly optimize the curing or hardening of (photo-reactive) UV adhesives and coatings. Uniform UV intensity in a larger footprint facilitates curing multiple components in a batch process. Measurement of UV intensity and dosage for spot and flood cure units, both LED and broad spectrum UV wavelengths. Hoenle LED curing equipment delivers high power for rapid production of Smart Cards and other high volume electronic glob top applications. In our factory we can bend and curve glass to a number of standard shapes or we can make a new mould if this is required? We carry large stocks of both tempered and non-tempered glass for immediate delivery and can produce one off specials in a matter of weeks.

The special glass we produce in our factory is non-toughened and fitted with a safety film, while the glass that we import is toughened.
We are the UK agent for Sovis Saint-Gobain one of the leading glass suppliers to many industries throughout the world. In our factory we have produced glass for the display case industry, sneeze screens, antique curved doors, made to measure shower screens, kitchen cupboards, extractor glasses and exhibition stands. We have the facility to make bends that other companies simply cannot do and we work to the finest tolerances possible. We can now offer UV bonding for both straight and curved glass we are the only company in the UK currently offering this product. Showmaster also supply Ultravision, non-glare glass, the ultimate innovation for food display. We also keep standard stock sizes of toughened glasses for counters and sneeze screens, please download our brochure to see which sizes we keep in stock. We consistently use this application for our store fixture clients as well as some furniture companies.

Tangent Industries offers a broad line of Hoenle UV systems including LED curing equipment, UVAHAND (Hand Held UV curing equipment), Bluepoint (UV spot curing systems with light guide), UVASPOT (large area UV curing equipment) and more! Please contact Tangent for more information about the products, including pricing and availability.
With ultravision non-glare glass the service display glass becomes the ideal packaging for food products, with virtually no visible barrier between the product and the consumer. Application Engineering at Tangent Industries provides assistance with adhesive and coating recommendations, and will assist to optimize your UV curing process for maximum productivity and efficiency.
Hoenle is a recognized leader in the global development of UV technology for industrial applications.
Hoenle products are used worldwide in the manufacture of electronics, microelectronics, optics, medical devices, furniture, and glass art.

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