Available today, the new 20 watt and 26 watt Germicidal UV Bulbs compliment the existing 15 watt lamp.
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Hi Andy, there is a small amount of UVB emitted, although the concentration of light would be approximately 254 nm UVC. For the 26W version, how much of the rated wattage is actually consumed by the bulb and how much by the circuitry?
Inventions in solid state lighting, particularly the advancements in white light LEDs, have been driving the most significant transformation in lighting since the very first introduction of the incandescent light bulb.
Now, with recent inventions in ultraviolet (UV) emitting LEDs, we are on the cusp of a new revolution in disinfection. As the most commonly used solvent in any laboratory environment, clean water is a staple and the quality of water is critical for experiments and core processes. Figure 1: Lab water purification system showing various points of UV disinfection throughout the system. In UV disinfection, light in the range of 250-280 nm disrupts the DNA of microorganisms rendering them unable to reproduce.
Figure 2: Spectral comparison of low-pressure mercury lamps versus LED in relation to germicidal effectiveness curve.
The UV disinfection that occurs in a typical lab water system makes use of a flow cell reactor-water flows into the cell, is disinfected by UV light and flows out of the cell free of target microbes.
Traditional disinfection systems using mercury lamps must adapt to the shape of the mercury bulb - a long, cylindrical tube. Mercury lamps have been known to require significant warm up time, anywhere from 50 seconds to ten minutes, to reach the required germicidal intensity. UVC LEDs reach their full brightness in under a microsecond, which makes them ideal for on-demand disinfection applications.
Newly available high performance UVC LEDs offer a more advantageous UV light source, allowing manufacturers to migrate from mercury lamps to a solid-state lighting solution. Innovators in laboratory water purification solutions are turning to these powerful light sources to provide customers with differentiated systems for their labs.
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To prevent comment spam, please type the code you see below into the code field before submitting your comment. Our goal is to offer our customers the entire range of UV germicidal products by way of a single supplier – AKRO-UV. AKRO-UV focused a top equipment in the industry working with companies from Europe, America and Asia. Renowned companies such as Atlantic Ultraviolet, Hanovia, Lit-UV, SterilAir, UV-Technik and others offer high quality products with the latest technology. The method of ultraviolet germicidal light being used in purification and disinfection of water, air and surface is a unique and rapid method, without the use of heat or chemicals.
The germicidal ultraviolet lamps utilized produce short wave radiation lethal to bacteria, virus and other microorganisms.
Throughout the years ultraviolet technology has become well established as a method of choice for its effectiveness, economy, safety, speed, ease of use, and because the process is free of by-products.
Ultraviolet technology for water, air and surface disinfection is based on germicidal effect of UV-C radiation.

The UV wavelengths are divided in 4 groups, each with a different germicidal effect – UV-A (315–400 nm), UV-B (280–315 nm), UV-C (200–280 nm) and Vacuum UV (100–200 nm). Within the UV spectrum, UV-C range is considered the strongest UV radiation, which is easily absorbed by DNA, RNA and proteins.
UV disinfection technology can be applied for potable water supply, wastewater treatment as well as for air and surface disinfection applications. UV systems are compact and easy to operate; no need for special operational safety precautions. He was back white the home, opener most feeling the bruise, of contact the freedom of open always said well i know 4151, oculus turnaround good says well way.
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This multi-purpose lamp can be used for countless applications, including quality control, sanitary inspection, mineralogy, readmission control, rodent contamination detection, UV curing, forensic inspection, document verification and much more.
For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic. In addition to the Blacklight Signature Verification Units Australian Ultra Violet Services also has available the Blacklight Torch. I suspect that if the entire lamp fixture (bulb, built-in ballast, etc…), pulls 26W total then bulb itself represents only a percentage of the 26W.
Headline societal impacts of LEDs-recently acknowledged with Nobel awards to several of the key inventors-include energy efficiency, long life and environmental benefits. In particular, water disinfection options for a whole host of applications and industries are being reconsidered.
Lab water purification systems typically use a combination of methods, including reverse osmosis, filtration and UV disinfection, and range from large centralized systems to small bench top units.

The action spectrum for bacteria is commonly reported as 265-267 nm peak wavelengths, although wavelength susceptibility may vary among a large number of bacterial and viral strains. The efficiency of the flow cell system is largely dependent on the size and shape of the cell.
This shape dictates the footprint of the UV unit in the overall water system - limiting the system designer's options in overall size and configuration of the disinfection reactor. The reduced size, higher lifetime and robustness of UVC LEDs is paving the way for more environmentally friendly, compact and energy efficient lab water systems.
With the exception of email, any information you provide will be displayed with your comment. This range is often called germicidal due to its high disinfection efficiency against bacteria and viruses. Photochemical reaction provokes dimerization of DNA and RNA bonds, which inhibits the ability of microorganisms to replicate. These revolutionary lamps are three times brighter than competitive UV inspection lamps of this type making them ideal for use in microbiology, mutation studies, laboratory UV dosing, illumination and other life science applications. Applications range from surface, water, and air sterilization.  The combination of their compact size, self contained ballast, and standard E26 household screw base allow for a multitude of uses from air duct sterilization to custom sterilization applications of laboratories.
Also, the lifespans of CFLs, like other fluorescent bulbs, can depend a lot on the type of ballast used especially if it is cycled on and off a lot.
Powerful, reliable UV LEDs are figuring prominently into more compact designs in everything from portable appliances to municipal systems.
Low-pressure mercury arc lamps have become a common way of accessing the germicidal portion of irradiation spectrum.
Parameters important for optimal disinfection include UV power, the size of the cell, the amount of water to be disinfected and the flow rate of the cell.
UVC LEDs are a point light source in a durable, compact package, which allows for a multitude of arrangements and footprints.
Consequently, mercury lamps in these systems are kept on all day-increasing power consumption and the frequency of lamp replacement. The highest germicidal effect occurs at 205-280 nm and the maximum germicidal sensitivity of microorganisms at 265 nm.
The smaller light weigh Blacklight Torch is a more suitable option for people working in position that sees them away from a desk or power outlet, or just simply want something that is small, compact and that they can hold in on hand.
The decrease in the size required for the UV reactor allows for development of smaller bench top units and integration of UV disinfection at more stages of the process.
These fragile bulbs also contain mercury and thus must be carefully disposed of when replaced - typically about once a year. Combination wavelength lamps are available extending the range of applications that are possible. Although this is not the optimum germicidal wavelength, there is sufficient emission to provide a means of DNA disruption and they have become the industry standard. Long wave and short wave models can be supplied in both self-filtered and unfiltered versions.

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