If you want your nails to look perfect but your natural ones are brittle or peel, don’t worry. Gel nails are applied in most salons, or you can take a class and learn how to apply them at home.
Drop a little gel on the nail and stretch it on the nail’s surface with the help of a clean brush. Spray the activator (from a distance of 20-30 cm), and apply a 2nd layer, after which It won’t be necessary to apply more activator.
Remember that there is a big difference between acrylic and gel nails in terms of adherence. UV gel nail enhancements have been in fashion world for several years, but have really taken off these days in terms of popularity.
This procedure involves clear nail tips glued to the free edge of your existing nails to give them length. This procedure involves french nail tips glued to the free edge of your existing nails to give them length.
The Red Carpet Manicure works really simply, literally 2 base coats, colour and top coat and after letting the UV light cure after each coat in 45 seconds you  are left with dry, shiny nails that don’t chip and last for weeks. I was lucky enough to have my nails painted by the beautiful Katy Rose, however I was able to paint my thumbnail myself just to get an idea how easy it is to apply.
You also receive a choice of 3 polishes, a French manicure set or a pretty purple pink set, I personally would go for the French manicure set because I hate how quickly I manage to ruin French manicures especially as they take much more effort than painting normal nails.

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There is a variety of fake nail options, such as gel nails, UV gel nails and acrylic nails. Here is an overview of how to apply them yourself with these simple tips on gel nail products. If you don’t like the way an artificial gel nail fits, simply apply some acetone with a piece of cotton. Red Carpet Manicure, it is basically a at home  gel manicure set and makes the process of getting gel nails of extremely good quality really easy. I promise you it really does last as I myself was rather sceptical especially being a newcomer. And I can report back and let you all know it is super super easy, just the same as painting normal nails. Well, a really easy place actually that has lots of reviews on it so you can see what other people are saying about the brand and their thoughts on the home system. The price also is so appealing because if you paid that much at a salon you’ll probably only get gel nails applied 3 times whereas here you can get it applied over and over and over again. I definitely will be purchasing this little kit because I love all things pampering and I think this will be amazing for when girls come over to my house, we can have a little salon up and running from my bedroom!

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Although there is a difference between acrylic and gel nails both in cost and look, artificial gel nails will do the trick if you are looking for something more than the ordinary!
Since the application of UV gel nails calls for both some ability and necessary equipment, it is advisable to have them applied at a good beauty or nail salon. They are then cured under a UV light for 3 minutes followed by a light buff and a colour of your choice. I just thought they would be harmful to my strong healthy nails and I was more than competent enough to paint my own nails perfectly fine.
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I have took these pictures late evening on the 6th of February  they were looking pretty impressive. The nails last for absolute ages, the glossiness and shine last forever and as long as you let the UV cure the polish properly it remains chip free! I can’t wait to paint my toes with this gel system, I hate repainting them after they chip and this looks like it will solve my problems for a long while.

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