Appearance May look less natural than gel nails, especially if applied incorrectly. Corrosive effect If properly applied with the correct quantity, primers(with or without methacrylic acid) do not etch or damage the nail bed. Gel nails can be applied with or without a base or primer.(CND GEL uses a non-acid primer to bond the gel to the nail). After effects Overuse and incorrect application of primer can cause damage to the nail bed and leave an impression on the nails. In general, Gel nails applied without a primer leave no hard impressions.Overuse and incorrect application of primer can cause damage to the nail bed and leave an impression on the nails. Flexibility Acrylic nails are hard and very robust, when applied correctly.
Most of them are more flexible than the acrylic nails, but not as flexible as natural nails. Range There is not much variety that you can go with the acrylic nails as far as the material texture is concerned. Acrylic nails are attached to the nails and their manicure technique involves the application of primer or glue like substance initially on the nails.
Most gel nails are cured under uv-light; some cure with a gel activator and do not require uv-light (no-light gels). Most people do not like acrylic nails because of the uneasiness that follows to the cuticle.

Overuse and incorrect application of primer in acrylic nails can cause damage to the nail bed and leave an impression on the nails. Perfect and Shiny Nail Art Gel Polish - 2 weeks of perfect, fantastic and super bright nails for you. Please also refer to the color cart below when choosing.and leave us a message of the quantity for each color you want after your payment. The modern manicure consists of a gel application, such as IBD Gel, which gives you chip-free nails for two weeks or more with colour that doesn’t wear off. Our Stafford based mobile nail service provides this application in a relaxed and professional manner allowing you the enjoyment of a IBD gel polish manicure in the comfort of your own home or a location which best fits your schedule. One of the main advantages of these gels is that they are actually 100% gel and not a combination of gel with nail polish in them.
The gel application includes use of ultraviolet (UV) light as well as the use of several layers of IBD Gelac polish.
I  cater for all styles and colours including the removal of previous polish in a matter of minutes allowing for the application of the IBD polish of your choice. Treat yourself to Just Gel Polish – the strong 100% pure gel formula that wears like a classic true gel.
IBD offer a huge selection of colours and styles for their gel polish series which can be provided upon booking.
Gel nails tend to provide a more glossy and natural look whereas acrylic are more sturdy and durable as compared to gel.

Nails can also be soaked rather than filed off, which is a fairly popular technique these days.
Gel nails, on the other hand, are just like a gel and take their shape themselves and hence are very easy on the hands. I am happy to travel to the surrounding areas of Stone, Eccleshall, Newport or any surrounding area within a reasonable radius of Stafford. This allows the gel to set harder and last longer with many of my clients reporting that they enjoyed un-chipped and colourful nails for up to 3 weeks after application of the IBD gel formula. By following these directions, the IBD gel application will be strong and will last up to two weeks. Time is on your side because this versatile gel polish cures quickly under either LED or UV light.
If properly applied with the correct quantity, primers (with or without methacrylic acid) do not etch or damage the nail bed.

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