Dry time – The UV light dries the polish within minutes which means no dry time, no smudging, no dents. Works on natural nails – While you can add length if you choose, Soak-off Gel Polish can be used over a natural nail like traditional polish. You can layer polish on top – If you want to change your color mid-manicure, you can. Cost – Soak-off Gel Polish can only be applied by a professional and the service is more costly than a traditional manicure. Removal – While Sakura offers fill-ins, if you want to change your color, you must completely remove the polish every time. And if you’re in Rhode Island, I suggest you check out the Nail Gallery from Gel Essentialz and book an appointment with Gina Silvestro ASAP. So how many of you are curious about Soak-off Gel Polish?  Have you tried it?  Tell us about your experience, including which brand you used, in the comments! Sat reading this with my poor old thumbs in tatters again – all my nails peel really badly but the thumbs worst of all and they take soooo long to re-grow.
When I first got them put on, my natural nails were so short I had them do extensions with the Bio gel.
Thanks for your detailed reply, I like the idea of having something strengthening over the top of my natural nails that could be there til it grows out taking all my nasty flakes with it but I am not sure that bio sculpture is exactly what I am looking for as I don’t want them on permanently. In my personal experience, and humble opinion, Bios are best on the natural nail, without any extensions.

Nah, I keep my nails pretty short and I actually enjoy changing my polish up about twice a week, or so.
The really great thing about the OPI Axxium is that the colors are based on the nail polishes. Gel nailpolish is something I would love to try one day, once I find a salon that have this service. I have tried Axxium Soak Offs and absolutely loved the fact that my nails looked respectable for a full 2 weeks. I’d love to try this in a mannequin hands shade, given that you can paint and remove polish over it. Usually I just slap a coat or two of my favourite polish on top and tough it out until week three.
Had considered something like this but hate the feeling of “thick” false nails, do the Bio nails feel thin and natural like your own? Because they basically built up the layers on a removable form, they looked and felt pretty thick!
I decided never to go with acrylics after seeing the damage done to friend’s nail beds. If your wearing LPITD, for example, and are having a really obvious grow out you can get a bottle of the polish viola, it’s hidden. When it was launched, I worked at a beauty supply so we all got to be hand models for the education class.

A regular polish manicure won’t last on my nails for more than 48 hours without chipping. When you finally soak off the Bio’s will your own nails be nice and strong underneath or are you just planning on sticking with the Bio’s permanently?
But I love that bit of length now, and I love how, no matter how busy I get, my hands always look well-groomed and ready to go. I mean, they’re definitely thicker than my own nails, but given that my naturals are about the thickness and strength of a piece of tissue, that’s a good thing! Yes they are expensive, but well worth it, considering that they contain nutrients to strenghten the natural nail. I am thinking about investing in my own UV lamp and I already bought the axxium starter kit. So I plan on staying with the Bio gel until my own nails indicate that it’s not a good thing. I work in the dental field so I’m always using my hands and fingernails as tools (gloved of course) My nails look so natural and strong.

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