In recent years there has been an emergence of off-line UV coating equipment in the market. This machine is a high-tech procuct with light, machine,eletricity and gas, which can be used for both thick and thin paper, realizes whole-course automation and adopts belt conveying with high speed and efficiency. Padprinter Machinery Company Limited is China professional manufacturer & exporter of fully automatic and semi auto screen printing machine, pad printer machine, hot stamping machine, heat transfer machine, uv curing machine, flexo ribbon printing machine, offset label printing machine, exposure units, flocking machine, flame treatment machine etc. The UV coating machine,UV coating equipment,UV coating machines equipments and Roller UV Coaters etc are mainly used to coat the uv lacquer and aqueous lacquers on the printed paper surface so that it becomes glossy and bright. Machine constructed with both IR drying system and UV drying system so that it can dry the UV lacquer and other aqueous lacquers etc. Widely used for making imitation metal frosted and ice flower patterns on the card paper package in packing and printing industry. For auto scattering the glitter powder onto the greeting cards, textile, vanities, and leather etc. UV Lamps are essential parts of UV machines which are widely used in the industries of bamboo timber floor, furniture, decoration, printing, coating, lacquer glazing etc.
Under the able guidance of our trained professionals, we are leading Ultraviolet Water Purification Systems manufacturer, offers UV Treatment System for Water that recycles the sewage water and make it usable for irrigation, washing and various other applications.

It is proven that offline UV coating equipment is cost effective and efficient when producing in-house finishing. Uv Coating Unit UV Coating Unit, equipped with high sensitivity wind-knife system, suitable for glazing of thick and thin paper; Micro-adjustment for even smearing and control of material usage, makes the paper smooth and glossy. Uv Drying Unit UV radiation makes the UV oil harden and become resistant to wear, and promote the glossiness of the paper surface; Equipment with fast cooling equipment, avods paper curling. Automatic Delivery Unit Conveyor belt produces low noise and make delivery smooth with its upper and lower pressing track design. The coated papers also can protect against the moisture and wearing on the printed surface. The scraping knife is more trim and can remove the UV lacquer from sticking to the surface of impression cylinder so that the paper back is not getting dirty.
Keeping in mind the water crisis these Ultraviolet Water Purification Systems are now-a-days a great need. Smearing on thin paper tends to produce curling, yet the peneumatic sheet jogging device knocking up both sides of sheet and keep the paper stable. This machine has independent space for every working station and it can be assemble bases the client request, so it is suitable for being used in large printing enterprise.

Our UV Treatment plants hold the capability to recycle sewage water and helps saving purified water to get wasted in washing, cleaning or irrigation. Traditional offline UV coaters are only designed for thinner substrates like traditional printing media. All of our equipment uses only stainless steel and finished aluminum for a strong sturdy build that lasts. To check the quality we have employed an expert panel of quality analyst who check process ensuring high reliability at customer's end.
Customer can avail these UV water treatment systems from us as per their needs & requirements.

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