As with most UV cured resins it does leave a deposit after curing; the resin has a slight greasy feel to it.
Loon UV Clear Fly Finish comes in a 2-oz tube with an applicator needle for fine work, while the Loon UV Fly Paint is a kit with a UV light and 0.5 oz tubes of Red, Yellow and Orange paint.
The Copper John is a simple, effective and very popular nymph in recent years, particularly in the USA, but not only there.
In the original Copper John wing case has been made from turkey, but I used tested by me in another pattern with similar colours some syntetic material in peacock colour - the Flash Back Foil. Consecutive years, that further modifications of the Copper Nymph, tail from the biot, wing case covered by 5 minute epoxy (I used faster in cooperation UV resin). It is available in a UV Clear Fly Finish and red, yellow and orange UV Fly Paint, all cured with the same UV lamp used for Loon’s Knot Sense and Wader Repair. No more measuring out each part and mixing carefully to avoid the inevitable bubbles, then rushing to get it right before it sets.

This can be left without any problems of flies sticking together in your fly-box and does wash off after some use, or can be easily removed with a quick wipe of a cloth and a cleaning agent. Loon UV doesn’t cure as hard as two-part epoxies, a definite advantage if you throw your flies in close to rocks and bounce them off snags. Standard saltwater patterns are quick, clear and bubble-free, and endless freshwater patterns are lining up for a makeover. This relatively young pattern has many modifications, here differs from the original only the wing case and UV glue.
Can be used other colour of wire: black, chartreuse, pink or another, and finally you will get other variations of this nymph. With increasing debate at club meetings and recent discussions on the FlyLife forum it seems it may well be the case.
Alcohol or Methylated Spirits works well as do standard household cleaners like Windex or Spray-and-Wipe.

A dab of red Fly Paint under the eyes on baitfish patterns gives a great gill effect, or apply over a layer of red thread for a superb bloodworm pattern for the lakes. The increasing range of various UV and blue-light cured resins promise much but only time will tell if they’ll deliver.
My Surf Candies have weathered the last month of a typical Melbourne winter with frosts, 60 mm of rain and low teen maximums having no detrimental effects.

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