For long distance irradiation required for offset printers, either at chain delivery parts or between colors.
For regular curing and temporary curing in single-pass printers, and regular curing in multi-pass printers. For curing application of optical fiber coating, wood coating, and mobile phone case hard coating, etc. For exposure application for semiconductor wafer manufacturing equipment, liquid crystal panel pattern forming, PCB circuit forming, etc. Kyocera is a global manufacturer of proprietary ceramic materials that offer outstanding thermal conductivity. Ceramic packages with thermally-conductive adhesive provide even higher heat dissipation and reliability in our LED packaging while also greatly reducing energy consumption.
Kyocera employs simulation technology to optimize characteristics such as irradiation, focal length and light uniformity.

Kyocera offers standard products and customized designs to meet your individual requirements.
Kyocera’s proprietary ceramic packages provide excellent heat dissipation, high-density LED mounting and high irradiation. Kyocera has achieved maximum irradiation capabilities at different focal lengths by optimizing the positioning of lenses and LED elements with our optical simulation technology.
This allows the G4 Series to be installed at the chain delivery phase of a sheet-fed offset printer. Kyocera’s area-irradiation method employs ceramic LED packages and micro-lens array technology to provide a wide irradiation swath in the direction of delivery, which enhances curing performance and productivity.
Unless otherwise noted, all graphs and data on this site are based on Kyocera’s own research. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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These materials facilitate high-performance LED packages that allow high-density LED mounting with excellent heat dissipation. These simulations allow Kyocera to optimize product performance by adjusting both the optical arrangement and the shape of the light-condensing lenses, imaging lenses and reflectors.

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