Jemmel Belkacem, consultant in polymer materials, also main inventor of a patented resin formulation for the stereolitography in 2010, is developing an affordable high-resolution photo-polymer with good mechanical properties for 3D printers.
Belkacem decided to developed high resolution photo-polymer resins for 3D printers by himself. For this project Belkacem hopes to raise €20,000 funds on indiegogo to help cover some of the cost for equipments, raw materials, laboratory space and subcontracting.

According to Belkacem, the main problems existing in current resins are: low polymerization speed, bad accuracy, significant shrinkage, low shelf-life, high viscosity, as well as limited color range. I personally enjoy printing with acrylate resins for his polymerization characteristics (curing-speed), mechanical properties (tough and flexible) and the post-processing ease (iso-propanol cleaning and short UV post-curing). In return, backers will get a high-resolution resin at a lower cost, for example 1kg of high-quality resin costs 95€.

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