You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Cincinnati Tool - Shop Cincinnati Tool’s selection of professional quality auto glass tool and supply products. Infralight Australia Pty Ltd supplies a wide range of ultraviolet curing lamps and  ultraviolet  drying lamps for the printing and coatings industry. Nilpeter, Gallas, Spectral, Comco, Mark Andy, Hanovia, Natgraph, Aquatron, Comco, Hanovia, Primarc, Svecia, Wallace Knight, Kopack, Heraeus Amba, Amba Lamps, Primarc, Western Quartz, Superior, and many more.
Contact Russell Read at Infralight Australia with the information below and we will specifiy the correct lamp replacement for your ultraviolet curing system. The Spectroline MiniMAX series of battery operated lamps offer portability and versatility. All lamps feature a unique "shadow box" design which blocks room light making materials glow brightly.

Portable - Compact and lightweight units are easily carried for on-site or field inspections. This multi-purpose lamp can be used for countless applications, including quality control, sanitary inspection, mineralogy, readmission control, rodent contamination detection, UV curing, forensic inspection, document verification and much more. Infralight Pty Ltd supplies replacement ultraviolet UV lamps, uv bulbs and uv globes, medium pressure uv lamps, amalgam uv lamps, quartz sleeves & ultraviolet products for many ultraviolet disinfection wastewater systems used throughout the world including Trojan, Xylem Wedeco, ITT Flygt, Berson, Heraeus and many more. Many more uv lamps specifications available to suit Wedeco TAK, UviFlo, Trojan, Heraeus, AUVP, AVP, Calgon Carbon, Berson, Siemens, Wallace & Tiernen, ITT Flygt, ITT Technology. Medium pressure lamps, also known as high intensity discharge lamps (HID) and mercury arc lamps are used for the treatment of water, curing of inks and varnishes in the printing industry. These revolutionary lamps are three times brighter than competitive UV inspection lamps of this type making them ideal for use in microbiology, mutation studies, laboratory UV dosing, illumination and other life science applications. Ultraviolet lamps and quartz sleeves supplied by Infralight Pty ltd are a direct equivalent of the original lamp and sleeve specification, no modification to existing equipment is required.

Whichever model UV system you are currently using, Infralight can supply or design a lamp to meet your needs. Infralight is a major supplier of replacement uv lamps commonly used in many waste water treatment plants around the world.
Combination wavelength lamps are available extending the range of applications that are possible. Long wave and short wave models can be supplied in both self-filtered and unfiltered versions.

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