Hot selling, 84W UV glue curing box, LED curing oven, UV glue oven, UV light for LCD screen repairing. Infralight Pty Ltd is a leading supplier and consultant of infrared, infrared heating, infrared elements, infrared lamps, radiant tubes, twin tube heating quartz elements, infrared ovens. An infrared cuiring and drying system can deliver heat quickly and accurately in the area that is required, energy is not wasted and it is a highly efficient heating unit. Infrared heating technology is used today for fast, targeted heating in a wide range of material processes. Infrared heating is commonly used in many industrial manufacturing processes: Drying and curing films, paints, inks, lacquers, adhesives, powder coating. The size of the infrared  system is very small compared to normal convection and other types of heating systems. The gold reflector applied to the quartz tube directs all of the infrared heat onto the product where it is needed. This mode of heating allows the user precise temperature control over the process, saving production costs and time with a much higher qulaity of production. The advantage is the operation will save money on power as the system is only heating when product is being processed.

Infralight Technology supplies a range of infrared heating lamps from the quartz twin tube heating elements with the gold reflector to the halogen single tube elements.
Infrared heating is widely used to heat products on a web application such as glass laminating, removing film water, drying timber, paper. A typical near infrared dryer will be less than a meter in length compared to 10-30m for a typical convection system and at a 10th of the cost. Normal electric or gas convection systems need to be operated continuously because they have very long warm up times. Infrared is used as localised heating for spot repair on damaged vehicles, planes, various components, plastics. Because Infrared heat is actually light and has all the properties of light, the gold coating is applied to the back of the quartz tube, reflecting all of the heat.
Fast response quartz infrared heating elements when the power is deactivated, switch off instantly with no residual heat. Infralight supplies all lamp types including short wave, fast response medium wave and medium wave heating elements. From a manufacturers viewpoint Infrared heating is fast and direct with high efficiency, infrared heating offers the operator precise control with high production, low capital costs, easily installed and flexible.

If there is an emergency stop for example, machine breakdown, a switch will disconnect the power to the heating elements.
The quartz is 3mm thick and a gold coating is applied to the back of the quartz allowing 95% trasmittance of infrared heat. Infralight Technology with 20 years experience in industrial furnace design, will custom design a solution based on your manufacturing criteria. The elements are very strong, made for industrial applications, fast switching and will last for thousands of hours of normal operation. Quartz infrared tubes are the most efficient form of infrared heating because the quartz does not absorb heat, quartz is transparent to infrared light.
Metal sheathed elements or similar arenot as efficient because they absorb most of the heat generated and are very slow to warm up (minutes).
Once installed and commissioned, the unit will operate continuously for thousands of hours.

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