U632NE - High gloss UV Curable Overprint varnish ink for roller offset coating, View uv varnish for offset printing coating, Wintop Product Details from ANWIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
Flexo EB does not alter the organoleptic characteristics of the food packed, it gives no smells in the cured inks and does not release volatile organic compounds or other aerial pollutants, thus presenting itself as eco-friendly. In printing plastic films for flexible packaging, electron beam flexo (Flexo EB) offers many advantages over traditional flexo using solvent inks.
Flexo EB offers a number of advantages, enabled by the instant and full curing (through the power of the emitted electrons) of all ink layers deposited by the various printing units.
Also, one sees excellent resistance to abrasion, aging, chemical agents, as well as humidity and light. In terms of safety and Eco-compatibility it, should also be noted that the EB work environment is explosion proof and therefore less hazardous, enabling a resulting reduction in insurance costs and disposal of dirty solvents.
On paper, Flexo EB has a leading edge and a capability to evolve, when compared to rotogravure and offset that are mature technologies without significant room to change and adapt to new needs. One leading press manufacturer, Uteco, recently conducted a series of benchmarking press trials comparing Flexo EB, rotogravure and offset, making use of the Onyx EB press (a Flexo EB platform developed over six years), and the E-Press Rotogravure and the Silver SIL Roto-offset presses from its product line.
Ink companies have had recurring nightmares, populated by variations on the theme of formulating and running Flexo EB. Among the various solutions developed and introduced on the new Onyx EB press, the most significant is “Thermilox™”, a process for ink temperature control which is the subject of a patent filed by Uteco.
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Flexo EB is now even possible to consider as an alternative to rotogravure and offset technologies. These characteristics make Flexo EB highly suitable even for the external printing of packaging to be stored in the open.
Likewise, abatement equipment for solvent released into the air from the machine is not required, and less energy is used than with UV (UV flexo, UV offset) or with thermal drying (rotogravure,solvent-based flexo). Solvent-based flexo and water-based flexo are already gaining market-share, given a big shift toward short and medium print runs. This analysis benefited from the input and feedback from experts by a leading food company.
Many ink manufacturers’ expectations are that the future of flexible packaging will be mainly Flexo EB.
The technology simply preconditions the ink to bring it to correct operating temperature and maintain the optimum printing heat with accuracy and reactivity.
The concept is simple, but there are many subtleties that can lead one toward press complexity.
The firm, a leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment in the field of flexible packaging was established in 1985. These factors deeply affect one of the main industrial applications linked with modern way of life: flexible packaging. In particular, compared to offset, Flexo EB has lower operating costs in short and medium runs and can print flexible substrates. Other advantages include graphics quality at the highest levels, which are very consistent throughout the entire printrun; high resolution, bright colors, very low dot gain and high opacity. UV flexo and offset) and does not release volatile organic compounds or other aerial pollutants (as is the case of rotogravure and flexo solvent), thus presenting itself as Eco-friendly.

The learning curve is steep and it takes commitment and a methodical structured approach before there will be broad acceptance of the rather young Flexo EB technology. The conclusion was that 10 years ago flexography was so far from rotogravure and offset that it didn’t deserve attention from big companies for demanding markets, but nowadays the quality gap (See Table A) is so narrow, and there are so many advantages in other areas, that the shift to flexography is becoming a must. In addition, the temperature set point can be independently controlled for each color group.
Press manufacturers have approached the key topics of ink control and delivery (thermoregulation, viscosity control, circulation, metering) by redesigning from the ground up, in order to have good handling yet keep simplicity and user-friendliness. Blending these pluses with EB curing is now leading to the next breakthrough in flexible packaging.
Innovation has always been a key-point at Uteco, not only in the design and creation of leading edge equipment, but also with the ability to tailor machines to the specific needs of converters in any corner of the world. At the same time, compared to UV flexo, EB curing is, “by its very nature,” better suited for printing food packaging. Today, it’s the dedicated new technology leaders that have accepted the challenge of embracing Flexo EB.
Its Onyx press line is now configured to facilitate electron beam curing that speeds packages to market and enhances barrier resistance properties while eliminating food migration concerns. Forecasters expect the installation base to grow larger, step by step, under the pressure of environmental constraints for pollution and energy reduction.

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