It is situated in Faridabad(Near New Delhi 30 km away) and largest manufacturer and exporters of fully Auto UV Coating and Curing Machine (Full & Spot), PVC Profile Printing, Coating and Curing Machine, Screen Printing Machine for Round and Flat Objects, Pad print Machine, Dry Offset Machine, UV Curing System, Photo Glazing Machine, Thermal Lamination Machine, Screen Exposing Unit, Aluminum Self Stretching Frame. Company established an ultra modern hi-tech manufacturing plant and all the components are built in its own factory by a highly skilled team of engineers using most up date manufacturing method guaranteeing consistent quality and finish.

To meet the growing demand of our clients, we have also started one more manufacturing unit in Sidcul – Haridwar, with covered area of 30,000 Sq.
We are honored with \"Star Award in Gold Category Paris 2001 from the 18th International World quality commitment\" in printing industry.

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