Easily and conveniently attached to your vest, the UV Mini Lamp from Loon Outdoors is essential if you regularly use UV products. I got this to carry in my pack for overnight trips along with Loon UV Wader Repair, just in case. All or part of this operation is conducted on public lands under BLM Special Use Permit and under Special Use Permit with the White River National Forest. Saving My Family Money - Coupon Deals and Store MatchupsPreventing Cart Attacks since 2009New Here? Shutterfly is offering up 100 FREE 4?6 photo prints when you use the promo codeSUMMERDAYS at checkout plus the cost of shipping.

Whenever you order 99 photo prints instead of 100, you’ll save $2 in shipping costs and pay as low as $5.99 to have them shipped to your door – that makes each photo print ONLY $0.06! If you are new to our site please START HERE and learn more. Sign up for our Daily Email HERE and Join our Facebook Here. It can be used instead of head cement, lacquer to finish your flies or make the eyes of your fly indestructible.
In 15 seconds, the UV Mini Lamp will cure your UV-based repair products and ensure that you can get back to fly fishing without a hassle.
The light is small and light, but the output is weak and replacing batteries can be a pain to find the right watch batteries.

The clear version is completely translucent where the coloured versions are completely opaque and glow in the dark.

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