DLP Projector Light Cured Resin UV 3D Printer For Jewelry High Precision Specifications of DLP E3 3D printing resin requires UV light for proper curing.
Bakeware Coatings combination of PTFE resin mixed with super-heat-resistant resin Iron Bakeware Coating, it uses a combination of PTFE resin mixed with super-heat-resistant resin.
Bio-Denture Base Resini??Typea… i?‰also named heat curing Bio-Denture Base Resin, consist of powder and liquid. Excel EPO-TEK 353ND is a two part heat curing Epoxy which can be used with any type of connector.

Other DLP 3D printers use regular projectors which produce visible light, but not pure UV light. It has excellent adhesion strength, good hiding power, age resistance and weathering resistance when used on aluminum, stainless steel, and ordinary steel. The powder is made of high quality poly(methyl methacrylate), and added bionic capillary vessel fibre and nontoxic abio-pigment.
To ensure the correct mix ratio the Epoxy is supplied in a Bi Pack containing measured amounts of resin and hardener.

The advantages of the UV LED projector in the MoonRay are in the resolution and curing process.
Removal of the plastic divider allows the two to mix before being loaded in to the syringe.

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