HID’s industry-leading safety features including: low lamp operating voltage, automatic safety shutoff for excessive tilt angle, non-movement, open covers, incorrect line input voltage, and cooling system deviation are all standard. Every HID design is the result of over 35 years of expertise designing and manufacturing ultraviolet equipment. Currents Tables offer an ideal assortment of mobile and adjustable height workstations for the modern ergonomic workspace. ROBERT REUTER (left) came to Knoll after earning a degree in architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Reuter served as Knoll Senior Development Manager until 1987 and has continued to design numerous office products for the company, including the highly innovative Currents system. CHARLES ROZIER (right) earned a bachelor’s and master's degree from Brown University as well as a master's degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Rozier came to Knoll in the early 1980s to help direct the development of the groundbreaking Morrison System.

This new light-weight model is ideal for small jobs, confined spaces, and upper floor areas.
Smart Finish has a longer pot life that extends the ability to use the material and minimizes unwanted waste. Both are mobile, height adjustable and are designed for use with systems furniture, or as independent, collaborative tables.
He spent three years working with Andrew Morrison to develop the Morrison office system from 1977 to 1980. Holding graduate degrees in both engineering and art, Rozier opened his own studio, which has since been recognized with numerous awards for industrial design including the Braun Prize and the ID Best of Category award for consumer products.
He conducted extensive market research, helping Andrew Morrison expand his concept to become one of the most thorough office systems ever introduced. Pro Guard Coatings Smart Finish is east to apply, lasts longer and recoats WITHOUT stripping.

This eliminate many potential health and environmental hazards including odor and additional waste.
Our initial emphasis was on the production of house paints and later into specialty coatings. Rozier went on to serve as Vice President of Product Development at Knoll, a position that led him to co-design the Currents and AutoStrada Systems aۥ introduced in 1998 and 2004 aۥ respectively. By shattering the price barrier, it makes site-applied UV floor curing accessible to everyone!
Smart Finish is changing the way facility maintenance personnel and contractors see VCT and wood coatings by eliminating additional crosslinks.

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