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Laminate wood step nose for laminate flooring on stairFlush Stair Nose is used to provide a secure transition from the flooring surface while allowing the floating floor system to expand and contract freely at the step-down location.
All kinds of Solid Wood Flooring, Laminate Flooring, engineered flooring, project flooring, wooden fWe support show room & factory visitation, hotel project, whole seller, retailer, home decoration project, trading company starting business. Beautiful, but the week after we had installed, my wife had a party and someone with un-maintained high heels put hundreds of pencile eraser sized divots in our floors. We have many antiques made from a diverse selection of hardwoods (mahogany, cherry, walnut, etc.) and were looking for a floor that would not clash with the finishes.
The floors have only been in for a few days, but I absolutely LOVE them - - they are GORGEOUS.
It was my first time every putting in hardwood floors but even I was pleasantly surprised with them. This was our first time installing hardwood and Iwas very surprised to find how easy it went in.
I really like the flooring but there was so much variation of color in the product that the installers had to use more than was originally measured.

Since Bellawood floors come to you with a 50 year, UV-cured aluminum oxide finish, you never have the mess of sanding and varnishing after the floor is installed.Brazilian Koa, often called Tigerwood, is truly one of the most unique and exotic looking species used in flooring. When I asked the guy which one would you go with he answered honestly and I went with his choice.
When we got the boxes home and I opened the first couple of boxes, I thought a mistake had been made in the order.
When we sold our house in a tough market the buyer bought the house because he fell in love with the flooring.
The only thing that I can complain about is that 1 week after I paid for my floor, it went on sale. There was very little waste, we installed over 600 sf and only had a couple of boards we couldn't use.
The display was a consistent,beautiful, cherry finish, but my boards have a dramatic lot of variation in colors.
We have two dogs and the floor has received some scratches so we file down their nails instead of clipping them and that seems to have stopped the scratches. The sales people were great and very helpful, if I ever do this again, you have my business.

I did an 18 x 18 bedroom and only had to remove one piece because I hit with my hammer when trying to nail down a staple in my black paper.
We are very pleased with the finished product, really love the variation in the natural color and plan to do the rest of our home with it.
We did have some wood left over and had it installed in a bathroom and on two landings about two years ago.
So, if we decide to roll up the rug, we'll have a couple of years of mismatched flooring until it darkens and hopefully will match the rest. We plan to install the same in our bedroom, but will not add any rugs for a couple of years.

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