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Sealing and protecting, by coating, encapsulating, or potting, various electronic devices, especially those with a need for stronger adhesion or improved dimensional stability. Stockwell Elastomerics manufactures custom silicone gaskets from silicone in its various forms, including solid silicone, expanded silicone sponge and silicone foam. Solid silicone gasket products are manufactured by die cutting or waterjet cutting parts from continuous roll sheet materials or molded sheets.
Sponge silicone gasket products are soft in comparison to solid silicone gaskets, though there is some cross-over at the low durometer solids and the firm grades of silicone sponge.
Molded silicone seals with round or custom cross-sections are often required for heavy wash down (IP66 or NEMA 4) or water submersion requirements.

Contact Us for further assistance with custom silicone gasket products, including solid silicone gaskets, silicone sponge gaskets, silicone foam gaskets and injection molded silicone gaskets. Solid silicone rubber offers a wide hardness range, from 10 - 70 durometer on the Shore A scale.
The firmness of silicone sponges is commonly defined by compression force deflection in a psi (pounds per square inch) range compressed 25%.
However, they typically use platinum cure liquid silicone, and are cast onto a smooth liner giving them a smooth skin. 2 to 5 psi compression force deflection is considered soft, whereas 14 to 20 psi is considered firm. Silicone foam products can range in cell structure from very open cell to mostly closed cell.

With injection molded liquid silicone rubber, parting line flash can be reduced to ensure sealing integrity. The closed cell structure make silicone sponge an excellent product for environmental seals such as NEMA 4 and IP64 and IP65. Silicone by nature performs well under UV and is mechanically stable over a broad temperature range, often considered for high temperature gaskets and low temperature gaskets.

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