LED light sources are slowly making inroads into all markets for the specific purpose of curing (hardening) industrial light curable adhesives and sealants. A successful LED cure bonding process requires the pairing LED equipment with adhesives and sealants that are specifically formulated for lower intensity, isolated wavelength curing. From the directory below, you will find LEDcure adhesives and sealants that can be used in various applications and industries. Please contact Tangent to confirm your product selection and to secure additional application assistance, including samples and process recommendations.
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In the event that these standard products do not satisfactorily address your performance requirements, Tangent will investigate other solutions that include development of adhesive specifically tailored to the complexity of your application. Here, international Mia Secret master nail technicians Viviana Cabezas, Andrea Rojas, and Eva Montelongo show how to use the foil in conjunction with gel and glue to create sophisticated nail art designs.
Continue extending the nail with white acrylic powder followed by colored acrylic powder in Caribe from Mia Secret’s Carnaval Nail Art Powder Collection.
Place about two drops of Mia Secret Eyelash Glue on a clean surface and recoat your decorative pattern with the glue using Mia Secret’s Nail Art Brush.

Unlike traditional broad spectrum mercury based systems, LED outputs are typically lower in intensity and narrow in spectral distribution. Place the sculptural nail form and extend the nail plate into an almond shape with Mia Secret Cover Pink UV Gel. Retrace the pattern with very fine lines for an uneven coat, which gives the final design an antique effect. The cured adhesive may not develop the same cured properties as when using traditional broad spectrum UV equipment. When combined with the appropriate LED light source, Tangent LEDcure adhesives and sealants deliver all the efficiencies and benefits expected from LED curing. 385 or 400nm) will typically increase depth of adhesive cure, and permit curing through UV inhibiting substrates. Of course, all Tangent LEDcure adhesives and sealants may be cured using traditional broad spectrum UV curing equipment.
Once the glue feels sticky, press the foil paper on the glued surface, pressing down firmly and then pulling it off quickly.

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