Die-attach film adhesives (die-bonding film adhesives) are not for making memory devices only. Die-attach film (DAF) adhesive helps to eliminate the bleeding issues when paste die-attach adhesive is used.
Stack-chip packaging are more efficient and more reliable with the use of die-attach film adhesives with electrical conductive or insulating requirements.
Please CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO describing AI Technology’s Die Attach Film (DAF) Adhesive and Dicing Die Attach Film (DDAF) Adhesive technologies and product line. AIT Dicing Die-Attach Film (DDAF) differs from the more traditional B-staged film adhesive due to a unique molecular structure for fast melt-flow that allows for low temperature and low pressure tacking and then post-curing without pressure. Comparison of Thermal Interface Materials Performance: Lower temperature rise represents a measurement of the efficiency of the thermal interface materials in transferring heat generated by the power electronic device to the heatsink (with fan) that dissipates heat to the environment by the forced circulating air.
The data in the comparison of thermal interface materials is collected by using an Intel CPU and forced air heatsink as represented in the above configuration. A uv or visible light curing silicone for high speed potting, coating and sealing applications. A UV or visible light and moisture curing silicone for high speed adhesion and sealing applications. A UV or visible light and moisture curing silicone for high speed adhesion, gasketing and sealing applications. A uv light curing, noncorrosive silicone for high speed adhesion, gasketing and sealing applications. A uv or visible light curing, noncorrosive silicone for high speed coating, potting adhesion, or sealing applications. A uv or visible light and moisture curing, noncorrosive silicone ideal for high speed adhesion and sealing applications. UV light is invisible to the naked eye but capable of causing both short term and long term harm with exposure. We are finding more and more applications not just in more generic industrial printing and manufacturing where UV is used, but in conservation and museums, art galleries and even domestic lighting where people who are light or uv sensitive are adapting windows and lights to improve their quality of life by reducing uv exposure. We have several types of filter sleeves, sheets and rolls of UV films available including rigid acrylic sheets, flexible films and rolls with either adhesive or non-adhesive backings, screens, and tube suitable for a wide range of florescent tubes, PL style lamps and also have a range of light reduction filters that can be used in combination with UV filters.

November 29, 2010 Kathie Zipp : A manufacturer of  pressure-sensitive adhesives offers high-strength solar bonding tapes designed for assembly solutions in solar cell applications.
Tested and shown to resist more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining a secure bond, the free film adhesive featured on the new high-strength solar bonding tapes is an excellent substitute for liquid or complex cure adhesives and simplifies the manufacturing process. Browse the most current issue of Solar Power World and back issues in an easy to use high quality format. In this podcast series, editors Kathie Zipp, Steven Bushong and Kelly Pickerel give you the opportunity to hear from the industry’s biggest newsmakers in their own words. Solar Power World delivers your weekly dose of news and insight on Racking, Inverters, Panels, Software & Services and more. Windpower Engineering & Development covers the design, technical content, and maintenance of wind turbines, wind farms, and the regulations and policies that make the industry function. Design World Online provides the latest design engineering news, articles, tutorials, videos, and products.
Master Bond UV15-7 adhesive bonds, coats, and seals as a non-yellowing, tough, durable formulation.
Master Bond Incorporated 154 Hobart Street, Hackensack NJ 07601 For FREE Information: click here.
A high viscosity adhesive that creates a tough, flexible bond that is resistant to vibration and shock. A solvent-free adhesive designed for applications where a rapid cure and a dry-to-the-touch surface are required.
A fast curing, medium viscosity adhesive designed for bonding glass-to-glass and to a variety of other surfaces. A fast curing, low viscosity adhesive designed for bonding glass-to-glass and to a variety of other surfaces. AIT conductive die-attach film adhesive are now used in some of the more powerful devices with 20 micron thick silver filled DAF. AIT pioneered the self-supporting die-bonding film adhesive that enables high thermal and electrical conductivity coupling with stress absorbing capability embedded in the molecular structures to provide robust manufacturability and reliability of the assembled devices.
The thickness of the thermal interface material also contributes significantly to the efficiency of heat dissipation and should be minimized as much as the physical configuration or construction permits.

Ultraviolet radiation can cause chemical reactions and cause many substances to glow or fluoresce.
MACtac Specialty Products’ Solarfast UV Cure Adhesive System is designed for concentrating and flexible solar applications. It features a tensile strength exceeding 5,000 psi, refractive index of 1.55, and a Shore D hardness over 70 to resist chemicals and thermal shock.
Each are selected and showcased here based on their upstream, midstream, or downstream mission-critical applicability.
Designed primarily for bonding rigid and flexible pvC to polycarbonate where large gap filling capabilities and a flexible joint are desired. Visible light adhesives cure with unique systems that minimize venting or specialized safety equipment. All the properties of loctite® 3525™ plus low temperature, rapid heat-cure capabilities (250°f). The company has since found success in extending its adhesive line to offer the widest selection in the industry. Specifically formulated for extremely rapid uv or visible light cure and secondary cyanoacrylates cure mechanism.
The manufacturer says the bonding tapes (SF-1003 and SF-1005) can withstand a range of environmental conditions where a high-temperature, high-strength bond is required. The free film adhesive initially bonds similar to a typical pressure-sensitive adhesive, but the final bond is initiated through UV light.
AIT die-bonding film adhesives have been designed for a combination of performance and manufacturing efficiency. Once cured, the manufacturer says the adhesive has extreme heat resistance, low creep and excellent peel.

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