ASICS is the reknowned footwear manufacturer that Japan relies on for the development of high-quality running shoes. Rakuten's Shop of the Year award features the three best shops from 2015 out of over 40,000 shoplistings on Rakuten. Plus-s (praises) series printed in high quality UV curable ink, based on Polycarbonate cover!
The VersaCAMM brings the last 20 years of innovation and expertise to one device, including integrated printing and contour cutting capabilities, next generation print head technology and accelerated print speeds all in a 64” platform. Featuring Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX ink, the VS allows professionals to take full advantage of Roland’s advanced inkjet technology.
To prevent the pigments in metallic silver and white inks from settling, the VS comes with Roland’s unique, patent-pending automated ink circulation system. VersaWorks supports the Roland Color system which accurately reproduces spot colors from color charts and swatch books including more than 1,000 standard colors and 512 metallic colors. With VersaWorks, you can choose from print options including a high-speed mode for production banner printing, the MAX Impact preset for vivid outdoor graphics and Artistic mode for exceptional indoor graphics. VersaWorks features include embedded ICC profile support, ink level adjustment tools, software proofing capabilities, error diffusion for outstanding print quality and advanced cropping, tiling and nesting options.
The VersaCAMM VS streamlines the production process by automatically contour cutting printed graphics. For laminating graphics, simply remove prints, laminate and reload them for precision cutting.
ECO-SOL MAX is a remarkable innovation in ink technology, offering fast drying time, high density, wide color gamut, rugged scratch resistance, low cost per square foot, and broad uncoated media support. Roland Intelligent Pass Control technology developed by Roland software engineers represents the pinnacle of inkjet printing.
The VersaCAMM VS features Roland’s most advanced print head to date featuring variable droplet technology that automatically combines droplets of varying sizes to optimize image quality. A true production printer, the VS features an advanced media handling system allowing users to feed rolls up to 88 lbs.

Roland printers are designed to dry prints quickly even in high-speed modes for immediate finishing, installation and collection by the take-up system. ECO-SOL Media is developed especially for Roland ECO-SOL MAX ink and includes a wide selection of competitively priced, uncoated adhesive-backed vinyls and other popular substrates. The VS includes a combination of standard wipers and additional side wipers which reduce the maintenance issues caused by ink reservoirs and dust. As with all Roland inkjets, the VersaCAMM VS offers years of reliable service, even in the most demanding shop environments. ECO-SOL MAX boosts the performance of Roland’s SOLJET, VersaArt and VersaCAMM inkjets at low running costs that both you and your customers will appreciate. There's no question that Roland inkjets combine unbeatable performance with legendary Roland reliability. The VersaCAMM VS is Energy Star certified and includes advanced features that minimize ink consumption, reducing environmental waste and operational costs.
Roland’s international ISO certifications are your assurance of quality products and service.
This website requires the use of Javascript, for the best possible viewing experience we highly recommend that you enable Javascript via your browser's options. Available in three ink configurations, it is also capable of printing white text, graphics and floods and hundreds of brilliant metallic colors for premium graphics and wraps. Unlike offset and flexo presses, the VS has no plates to process, making production easy, seamless and cost effective.
This true Adobe PostScript 3 RIP ensures exceptional production output with unmatched ease of use and incorporates the latest Adobe CPSI 3019 engine. The Quadralign four-point optical registration system automatically realigns the cutting path and compensates for skew and distortion. This patent-pending system precisely controls dot placement between passes and delivers unprecedented imaging performance in all resolutions. The VS features a built-in 2-stage integrated heater system to accommodate a wide range of media options.

The line-up currently consists of glossy, matte, clear and translucent calendered, premium cast vinyl, premium reflective vinyl, view-through vinyl, flame retardant scrim banner, blockout scrim banner and solvent glossy paper. Customers may be asked to provide proof-of-purchase to substantiate uninterrupted use of Roland Inks.
The VS is certified by Roland’s Eco-Label system, an ISO 14021 Type II label certifying compliance with a company’s internal environmental standards.
We build reliable, high-performance products and back them up with first-rate customer service and a wide variety of supplies and accessories. Priced affordably, the VersaCAMM VS is both an exceptional value and a powerful production tool.
The technology actually enhances image quality at higher print speeds thereby increasing productivity. This advanced system precisely controls the proper amount of heat for each application, yielding outstanding results every time. All Roland media is carefully tested and profiled to consistently achieve high-quality results. All that's required for this bonus is return of the registration card with installation information within 60 days of your purchase and confirmation* that Roland inks are running in the machine.
Become a classy finish by hard materials that provide high-quality printed in UV curable type ink. As a result, the VS produces smooth gradations and flawless solid colors while achieving faster throughput with virtually no banding in all print modes.
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