You may think that ink is just ink and that it’s the plates, press and skill of the printer that make all the difference when it comes to print quality.
The properties of ink including colour, the strength of that colour, tack, drying characteristics and the length of the filaments that it forms when it flows, have a big influence on the final result. Ink is comprised of 4 basic raw materials that are combined in specific proportions or formulas. Solvents– are used to keep the ink liquid from when it is applied to the printing plate or cylinder until when it has been transferred to the surface to be printed.  At this point the solvent must separate from the body of the ink to allow the image to dry and bind to the surface. Printing ink can be broken down into two subclasses: ink for conventional label printing and ink for digital label printing. In water-based inks, the water acts as the main solvent to keep the pigment in liquid form. Ink manufacturers are working hard to overcome some of these problems and have made great steps forward in recent years.
Solvent inks are toxic and require special handling and ventilation in compliance with specific regulations relating to the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Bio solvent or eco solvent inks are being developed for use in more enclosed print settings with minimum ventilation. UV curable inks are mainly used for indoor applications, such as shrink sleeves, packaging, posters, signage and POP displays. The ink or toner that is used in a digital press is fundamentally different to that used in conventional machines; its chemistry is far more complex and it comes in a sealed canister not a pot!
Toner formulations, particle size and melting point vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
A varnish is a transparent, liquid coating applied to a printed surface to add a clear glossy, matte, satin, or neutral finish.
Varnishing can be carried out ‘online’ (the varnish is applied directly after the ink is put on the paper), or ‘offline’ by a separate machine, sometime after printing. A gloss varnish is often used to heighten the impact of photographs or particular design elements, as the coating reflects back the light and makes colours appear richer and more vivid.
The percentage of gloss can actually be measured in accordance with DIN 67530 which is based on the reflection of light corresponding to specific angles. A matt varnish diffuses the reflection of light to give the printed surface a non-glossy, smooth look. This represents the ‘middle ground’ between the two above, being neither as glossy as a true gloss, nor as subtle as a matt.
Textured varnish is a glossy varnish that overlays a slightly rippled, tactile finish to the page.
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UV light-sensitive green oil with fast curing properties, It is the PCB board solder protective paint. ReviewsThere are no reviews yet, would you like to submit yours?Disclaimer: These are user reviews.
CharacteristicsThe UVAFLEX® Y71 Series has a low-migration formulation and is therefore suitable for printing of primary packaging for food.
A co-solvent may be added for a number of reasons, most commonly, to decrease the time and heat necessary for curing. Printing on these substrates with water is very successful because of the absorbent nature of the paper fibres. Due to the number of different machines and materials however, trials are always recommended to ensure full compatibility before production commences. There are many classifications for this type of ink; some are classified as mild or eco-friendly, while some are categorized as aggressive. Solvent gravure inks are used to achieve the very highest quality of metallic printing as seen in the beverage market. These environmentally friendly inks are made from renewable resources, namely corn and soybean.  They show a high durability to UV light and good adhesion to vinyl, PVC, and other uncoated substrates. The UV radiation acts as a catalyst and initiates a photochemical reaction where by cross links are formed, instantly turning the liquid ink into a dry and durable coating. There are global standards for migration which must be complied with for certain types of food packaging.
Developers have made heavy investments into its development and continue to come out with new inks and substrates optimised for UV-curing. In the digital world the ink represents a key part of the technology and must be compatible with all elements of the press. During the label printing process, the toner is electrostatically charged to adhere to the printer drum which is charged with opposite polarity. A great deal of research has gone into trying to achieve small, uniform particle size, key to achieving accurate colour reproduction and print quality. The liquid varnish hardens after application by a variety of processes depending on its formulation.

A gloss coating can add impact to your print, especially in sales or promotional material, where optimum presentation of images is paramount. A gloss varnish seal is the most common type of all-over varnish, (perhaps because this finish really does give a very high gloss effect, more so than with a laminate in many cases) although silk and matt are also available. This has the effect of drawing attention to a specific part of the design and can add interest to the label.
It can be used as a spot varnish to enhance the impact of particular page elements and is an interesting and eye-catching alternative to standard gloss varnishes.
We are with a professional logistic team working for the shipment for fastest ,safetest and most ecnomical shipping methods for different areas. Make a list for what you need and send to our service team Please try your best to send us the full information of you(full address,tel,zip code,tel,full name). UV light-cured solder resist ink, good performance over the net, fast curing, strong adhesion, chemical resistance and insulation resistance, suitable for single-sided circuit board for solder used.
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For the print to be cured, the water has to have completely evaporated, allowing the pigment particles to settle into the substrate.
The inks and solvents (water included) are partially absorbed into the substrate, and partially vaporized into the surrounding air.
The use of water-based inks, which had been declining, is now seeing an increase in popularity, especially on the Continent. After transferring to the paper, the toner is fused in place by a heating element forming a very thin and smooth plastic layer on the surface.
Small text on a label is easier to read on a surface coated with matt vanish as the coating scatters the light, reducing glare. It is particularly effective when applied as a gloss spot varnish on top of a matt flood varnish. You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process.
The use of water inks on other substrates, such as films and foils, varies and they may require special treatment in order to have the inks adhere to them.
They are  being used as a possible alternative to UV curable inks, where migration can be a problem in food labelling. The mild inks take some time to dry and need a lot of heat, whilst the aggressive types are easier to dry and require less heat.
This achieves maximum contrast between the highly reflective shiny coating and the light-absorbing matt finish. Scratch-and-sniff technology takes a fragrance and encapsulates it in minute gelatin or plastic spheres which are then incorporated into a varnish – the number of fragrances available is impressive!

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