Electrically conductive adhesives (Elecolit brand from Panacol-Elosol) for die bonding, underfilling, antennae printing, flip-chips, LCD, and flex circuit assembly. Tangent Industries offers electrically conductive adhesives for applications involving die bonding, underfilling, antennae printing, flip-chips, LCD, and flex circuit assembly.
As their exclusive distributor for the Americas, Tangent provides Elecolit® brand epoxies from Panacol-Elosol.
In select applications, Elecolit® electrically conductive adhesives from Tangent can have significant advantages over traditional soldering methods.
Elecolit® electrically conductive adhesives include thermally curable one and two-component products as well as a UV light curable, anisotropic adhesive series.
View the electrically conductive adhesive products listed below for a possible candidate for your application. Light curable cationic epoxies from Panacol-Elosol absorb light energy to generate ions that initiate an ionic polymerization process. Thermally conductive adhesives will channel heat from the bonded component to the attached substrate that functions as a heat sink or dissipater.
The Structalit® products are one and two-component multi-purpose adhesives that provide maximum bond strength and protection. For bonding applications involving operating temperatures ranging from 300°C to 1500°C, Cerastil brand adhesives from Panacol are formulated from inorganic materials of high purity, which allow them to be thermally stable in high heat environments. Talk to the Editor…What additional information would you like to see posted on this website?
Tangent UV light curable masking products are easily applied and cured (hardened) in seconds with a UV light source. Our UV light curable sealants and conformal coatings are easily integrated in automated production processes for printed circuit board (PCB) and flex circuits (FPC) assembly. UV light curable Form-In-Place gaskets are dispensed as flowable liquids or non-migrating gels, exactly where a gasket is required, and can be cured (hardened) in seconds as part of continuous in-line production process. Tangent’s potting materials are formulated to protect electronic and electrical components from thermal shock, vibration, moisture, and other environmental elements.
Encapsulants and encapsulating adhesives provide environmental protection for electronic components such as diodes, capacitors, and integrated circuits (IC), as well as wire leads and other fragile connectors. The ability of an electronic or electrical component to dissipate heat has a direct impact on its reliability and longevity.

As their exclusive distributor for the Americas, Tangent offers thermally conductive epoxies from Panacol-Elosol. View the thermally conductive products listed below for a possible candidate for your application. DC-2510R NCRigid epoxy doming resin with UV protectionXDC-2510 Resin System is a two component, low viscosity, rigid epoxy decorative coating. DC-7156Flexible UV curable doming resinXDC-7156™ is a low intensity UV Curable Epoxy Resin.
60-7180Rigid ultra fast curing UV resinXUV 60-7180 is a one component, UV light curable, clear coating. 60-7185Flexible ultra fast curing UV resinXUV 60-7185 is a one component, UV light curable, clear coating. Having trouble deciding on which of our products best meets your critical heat transfer requirements? Elecolit electrically conductive adhesives include thermally curable one and two-component products and a UV light curable adhesive, anisotropic adhesive series. Panacol-Elosol GmbH is a member of the Honle Group headquartered in Germany, and has been formulating and manufacturing adhesives for over 30 years. While single component adhesives simplify dispensing and processing, two-component adhesives provide longer shelf life and can be cured at room temperature.
Please contact Tangent to confirm your product selection and to secure additional application assistance, including samples and process recommendations. Advantages of this process are dry, tack-free surface, no shrinkage, low odor, better adhesion, abrasion and chemical resistance, high strength, extreme clarity, and moisture resistance. Structalit epoxies are high performance adhesives, delivering superior strength, thermal stability, and chemical resistance. Thermally conductive epoxies from Panacol-Elosol are available in electrically conductive or non-conductive, one and two part epoxies, UV cure and thermal cure. Several grades are available for high strength bonding of quartz, ceramic, glass, and metal. The typical mix ratio of 1:1 means simple, less costly dispensing tools and systems, products can be mixed by a static mixing tip when dispensing, or dispense unmixed to apply as a bead-on-bead. A single coat provides consistent protection from high impact particulate, hot acids, alkali solutions, plating, etc.

Tangent’s Stay-In-Place gasket technology produces gasket materials that adhere to the surfaces they are cured upon, permitting immediate handling and continuous production. To accommodate the broad range of potting applications, Tangent offers UV and visible light curable products, two component compounds, and thermal curing materials. Our encapsulant’s have high ionic purity, and cured properties include moisture resistance, invulnerability to thermocycling, low shrink, and flexibility from a low modulus value.
Heat dissipation can be improved in many component assembly applications by incorporating thermally conductive adhesives as bonding agents.
Then let us assist you in selecting a product by using our online Product Selection Form.
In the event that these standard products do not satisfactorily address your performance requirements, Tangent will investigate other solutions that include development of adhesive specifically tailored to the complexity of your application.
These UV masking materials are available in many viscosities to accommodate the wide variety of applications. Low shrink and flexibility are significant as the encapsulant also functions as a strain relief for fine wire leads. To facilitate practical conductivity, fillers such as palladium, gold, silver, copper, nickel, and graphite are used. Electrically conductive materials with metallic fillers are excellent at conducting heat due to their metal content. MAKES NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS OR OTHERWISE WITH RESPECT TO ITS PRODUCTS. The information in this brochure is based on data obtained by our own research and is considered reliable.
However, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of these data, the results to be obtained from the use thereof, or that any such use will not infringe any patent. The properties given are typical values and are not intended for use in preparing specifications. This information is furnished upon the condition that the person receiving it shall make his own tests to determine the suitability thereof for his particular purpose.

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