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If you’re like me, you don’t like making this decision without doing a little research first (Not sure you want a spray-in? RhinoUpdated September 20137 Things To Know About Rhino and Line-XInstallation is 90% if the puzzle. While some formulations are much more resistant to fade than others, UV radiation always wins.Be careful with color-matching. Unless you pay extra to protect the liner from UV, it will fade much faster than the factory paint and your liner and your truck won’t color-match after a couple of years. Prices at the higher end should include extras like color matching, additional surface spraying, or special UV protectants. When someone is going to be spray-painting your vehicle, they need a clean shop and a clean spray area.
One other aspect of the thin coating is that Line-X liners usually have a very rough surface that sparkles when new.
It can be hard on the knees while moving around in the bed and it can damage your cargo (finished wood surfaces and Line-x liners don’t mix, for instance). While you can request that the installer reduce the roughness of the finish, this will also result in a surface that’s less glossy.
Instead ask yourself the following questions: Are you going to truly benefit from the product with the best tensile strength, chemical resistance, etc?
Everything fades with time.Color-matched liners look a lot worse than black liners when they become stained, scratched, etc. If an installer says they use a chemical etch process exclusively, run.ScotchBrite scuff prep. This is the most common form of surface preparation, and most Line-X and Rhino installers rely upon this method (only it must be said that they’re supposed to use a better method). If done correctly, scuffing the original bed surface will help the the liner material bond completely.
If you find an installer that uses power tools to prep your bed’s paint, expect to pay a slight premium.Questions To Ask Your InstallerHow do you prep the vehicles?
Unless you want a tacky, rubbery surface that often has runs and dries unevenly, a hot application process is the way to go. Most Rhino liner installers have moved away from the cold application process, but there are still a handful of them out there…so be sure to ask this question.How long does your prep process take?
Many Line-X and Rhino dealers can ScotchBrite a pickup bed in 15 mins…but power-sanding a bed takes the better part of an hour. Most good installers need 2 hours minimum from beginning to end, and some will need 3 or 4.How long have you been in business? Rhino and Line-X both require their installers to honor many aspects of the warranty, which means installers are financially responsible for their mistakes. Bad installers tend to go out of business after a few years because they can’t afford to fix all their mistakes.What dealerships do you work with? Ford, GM, Toyota, and Dodge dealers sell lots and lots of spray-in bed liners in their new pick-ups. They can’t afford to have a lot of dust and dirt around because that will contaminate their sprays.

Today, many Rhino liner installers use the exact same process that Line-X installers use and chemically similar products, meaning the difference between the two can be minimal. We always hand insert the bolts and tighten until we are certain they are seated and the slowly tighten with the air impact. Anonymous says: March 25, 2012 at 12:09 pmHey I was wondering can you spray a wood deck (plywood) i want to cover my pool deck with this product And would it seal the deck? When spraying wood with Line-x care must be taken to ensure it is dry and in some cases, its hard to gage just howry the wood is. The high temp of line-x ca uses any moisture in the wood to evaporate and if the coating is applied too rapidly at close range this moisture is captured and creates bubbles under the coating If the wood is relatively dry, any very good applicator can compensate with just the right application technique and savvy. Rhino Bed Lining… The Fact is any professional-grade Spray-Lining Product is a quality product.
While all Spray on Lining dealers may claim that they use “better” formulas, that’s unimportant. However, some dealers still sell Tuff Stuff because they can’t afford high pressure equipment. Complaints of thick or thin is 100% dependent on just how much product is sprayed on as lining. But the worst complaints of any Spray- Lining issue (in the Sprayed on Bedliner industry) is the professional scams by manufacturers hiding safety facts such as carcinogenic formulations. I have a local Bullet dealer that gets 45 liners ( works out to be about 30 mil)out of a set of barrels while the LINE-X dealer is getting 18 (average of 125 mil. I bet you can apply one on top of the other, but I don’t know if the effect would be very good.
There are a lot of good independents that spray equal or better material with equal or better equipment.Many times you get (1) a better price (2) better service and (3) better attention to detail.
When out and about, watch for trucks with liners, and take note of the quality (most liners will have tags identifying the brand and dealer location). I think that Line-X does a good job of insuring each individual installer does their job right the first time. I have tried cat litter and several different detergents in an attempt to get the odor off of the Line-X however nothing has completely worked to the point.
Just make sure you wet the bed surface before application, and don’t leave it on too long.
I wish to use it as undercoating inside the fenders of a restoration project and sprayed on bedliner seems natural for that application. During my days working in a hot rod shop we would use Herculiner (roll in) to do interior floors before sending them off to the upholstery shop. Herculiner and other cheap options work well to prevent rust in hidden places, but fall short when used to protect places that are exposed.
Polyureas aren’t available at auto parts stores, any retail outlets or even on the net in small quantities. This is due to the hazardous nature of isocyanates which are carcinogenic, usually require professional paint booth & a full respirator suit with mask to apply.
Polyureas are rarely if ever available in small amounts due mainly to extremely high costs of shipping hazardous materials.
Although equipment can be a hopper gun & mixed manually, these spray lining formulas have lower quality yet still retain low amounts of isocyanates. Legally, companies like Scorpion, Als Liner, Speedliner & Superliner still require respirators.
That’s enough to do a tiny bed of 25 square feet like a Jeep Wrangler box, but an 8 foot bed with rails spray-lined requires over 3 gallons to achieve correct thickness.
On health, cancer cases pointing at these companies as these that sell spray lining for truck beds or small items are also documented. They sell me the DIY plus Ken & Norm, the owners did several beds for my shop at Corning Ford in California. The fact is that higher percentages of polyurea usually equates to a stronger spray lining jobs. Beware of this lining scam because you’ll waste your time and money, pay to remove the fake stuff and re-apply the good stuff. This should guide all truck owners and anyone considering a serious, high quality sprayed-on lining job.
The reason I was looking for a DIY product is that the vehicle is dissasembled on a stand and cannot be moved.
I am stripping and re-applying undercoating and am looking for a very durable product and bedliner seemed like a natural. The bolts are the bed bolts holding the bed to the frame and on the tailgate the panel that comes off they can take out the screws and either paint them the color match to your truck or leave it the way it is.
I had the bed pulled and hammered out as best you can but there are still some minor dents.

My question is with the Rhino Liner being thicker it should cover the minor damage better than the Line-X correct? I think that a matte black finish will probably do more to cover up dents than the thickness of the material. I ask this, because the cap dealer says he would have to replace my nice new Silverado tailgate end cap with a molded one so the cap would fit.
I have experience with many truck caps & Line-X liners and there will be no problem getting the truck cap to seal properly. Use of the foam strips (usually included with the cap) will also add that extra protection against any leaks. Jerry says: March 14, 2013 at 11:54 amWhat is the best way to get a fifth wheel rail set bolted down, before or after the liner is done?
Had the Tuff Stuff Rhino put on my Sierra 15 years ago and the lining has had zero problems.
Would you say the same thing about all the polls on all the truck forums where Linex came out ahead (see the second-to-the-last paragraph of the article)? Has anyone ever heard of Ultimate Linings, a guy around my area just switched he used to do rhino and line-x and now does this brand. Midlifecrisis says: October 5, 2009 at 8:23 amI would be interested if anyone knows anything about a bed liner called custom linings? I have looked at some of their stuff and I prefer the look and feel of it more then the big two. But make sure they offer a warranty that’s as least as good as the warranties from Line-X and Rhino. My suggestion has been and continues to be ask your local truck dealerships – who do they use? I got a reference from a guy at work who’s had some work done at a particular shop and when I called for a quote on an over the rail bedliner, it was over$1300. I later found that they are the same place that my truck dealer goes to, so I hope the craftsmanship is high quality. Andy says: November 13, 2009 at 1:25 amMatt,Do you mind sharing the info of the shop which you have appointment with? Dealers are notorious for being cheap and being nit-picky, so any spray-in company that works with a dealership has to have their s*#t together.
I plan on placing my old rubber mat back in the bed after the lining is installed so I wanted a harder surface. You say Rhino is sprayed on cold and at low temperature, well if you consider 150 degrees cold and 2600psi low pressure…well then i guess your right.
Rhino was and is the originator of the sprayed in box liner and has full life time warranty. They charge you extra for rails they don’t put it on heavy enough and and with a light hit it can easily flake off. Put it this way we had a guy come in who had a nissan truck with a Line-x liner in it, it peeled and flaked off when he asked about warranty they told him that once he bought the truck the warranty was void because the warranty was given to the dealers not the customers, then told him to drive three hours so they could look at it, just so they could charge him another $750! So the next time you feel like writing a review about the difference between Rhino and Line-x get your facts straight.
Although each dealer will decide ultimately a properly installed Line-X bedliner will have the above mentioned.
For years, Line-x has been funneling money to us from their super-secret Swiss bank account!
LOLAs for your accusation that the Line-X warranty is only for the original buyer, you are the one who is misinformed. For all of your hate of the Line-X product, you didn’t manage to refute the main reasons we liked the Line-X more than Rhino. As for inconsistency, well considering all off the sprayed in box liners are SPRAYED in that means there done by humans who are not robots so of course there will be some inconsistency.
Its very funny that you comment on me forgetting minor details when you have no rebuttal for Line-x chipping off because its so thin or the fact that you are completely wrong on how Rhino is applied.
I also did not say i hate Line-x it probably would a decent product if the applicators did they’re jobs properly.
Who’s coating peeled off the Discovery Channels Dominator vehicle during an actual show?

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