Back Protection SystemErgonomically shaped neoprene cushion between back and tank support for improved wearing comfort and extra warmth in a zone which is usually cold sensitive.
CMS - Composite material SystemOne PVC sheet is combined with fine Aluminium, another is hot melt type of PVC. Double ConeThe Double Cone System minimize the water flowin the most critical sealing areas like wrist and ankles.
Double Sealing SystemCombination of GlideSkin inner faces and a soft internal neoprene sealing ring form an impermeable barrier against water entry at wrists and ankles. HD NeopreneUse of the micro bubble increases the density and prevents the pinhole penetrating through the materials. Hood IncludedWhenever you see this icon means that the hood is sold together with the wetsuit. Thermo PlushExtremely soft internal layer in the chest area to keep the upper part of the body warm. Very easy to put on, provides great UV protection and the Metalite coating helps retain heat for superior warmth. On one fateful day in 1952, Jack O’Neill decided that he had had enough of his surfing sessions being cut short by the ice-cold breaks of Northern California. Over the years, O’Neill has shaped the industry of surfing, most significantly with its inventions and its continuous focus on producing highly innovative gears and equipment for the ever-evolving needs in surfing, wakeboarding, and diving.

O’Neill also prides itself in its high quality vests that boast of an exclusive Slice-Foam Core, which updates stiff old vests and turns them into bendable ones that can take the form of the body as needed. When in Manila, visit O’Neill at 2nd floor Glorietta 5 and get discounts in your purchases! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Christmas Period - Our Office, Warehouse, Dispatch Centre and Showroom is closed 21st December - 1st January (inclusive).
Blue Water Sports is one of the UK’s leading online retailers of scuba diving equipment, kayaking and spear fishing equipment.
O’Neill’s Thermo-X layering fabrics provide incredible insulation with low bulk and quick-dry properties.
The end result is a three-layer suit with excellent durability and thermal protection characteristics.
It reduces the thickness of the materials from traditional 7mm to 4mm and achieves light and compact fitting. The soft and flexible new Masterseal zip ensures maximum freedom of movement and optimum thermal protection. Efficiently eliminates any kind of uncomfortable feeling caused by tank and zipper and provides further increases sealing.

Fueled by his unstoppable passion for the sport and bold ingenuity, he crafted the world’s first neoprene wetsuit – an innovation that forever changed the landscape of surfing. On top of that, the vests also feature a concealed dual belt system for better security.On the other hand, the brand’s adept understanding of the culture, which spawned from the roots of water action sports propelled O’Neill to produce lifestyle items that will allow practitioners to live out the essence of their chosen sports into their day to day lives. Omdat ook kinderen last van de zon hebben en oog beschadigingen kunnen krijgen heeft Gill Kinder Zonnebrillen ontworpen. Quickly establishing its edge with its pioneering innovation of surfing wetsuits, Jack opened his garage doors and launched the first-ever surf shop in San Francisco, California. For this reason, O’Neill will always remain to be an important action sports label with its extensive selection of products such as surf and wake boarding vests that no other brand offers. Perfect underneath your suit for better heat retention during diving.Thanks to its thermal and UV protection, ita€™s also ideal for any other watersport use.

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