Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. This machine is a high-tech procuct with light, machine,eletricity and gas, which can be used for both thick and thin paper, realizes whole-course automation and adopts belt conveying with high speed and efficiency.
Three rollers double pressure double scrapers, with 3KW air  compressor(With gas tank), Independent adjust of the speed(Schneider VVVF), Machine-wide linkage, automatically shutdown with paper crimp.
Uv Drying Unit UV radiation makes the UV oil harden and become resistant to wear, and promote the glossiness of the paper surface; Equipment with fast cooling equipment, avods paper curling. Automatic Delivery Unit Conveyor belt produces low noise and make delivery smooth with its upper and lower pressing track design.

Learn more about products detailed description, pricing and service, Please send mail to us! Base on the small uv coating manual feeder , we have new SGUV 520A UV coating machine It is used for digital printing color and short run printing, water-base solvent ink spray paint, water-proof, oil-proof, smooth, wear-proof, beautiful color print for UV Vanish coating. JB series is kind of planer printing machine with large size, which can be use to printing large board, large planer glass, in-door and out-door ornament and other material.
It has adopting double workbenches and adaptive system with the advantages of simple operation and precise orientation. This machine can be used for fulguration and solidifying of UV wrinkled in screen printing.

The  effect is comparable to laminating, calendering treatment, and no film-droping, curly and back light defect. Smearing on thin paper tends to produce curling, yet the peneumatic sheet jogging device knocking up both sides of sheet and keep the paper stable. This machine has independent space for every working station and it can be assemble bases the client request, so it is suitable for being used in large printing enterprise.

Super glue for paper cuts
Led lamp for normal nail polish zoya

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