Selamat datang di Toko Online kami, banyak terdapat product Frame Kacamata terbaru yang selalu kami update setiap hari. New Product April 2016, Lensa LEINZ 1.56 Blu Care Aspheris New Supertrans dengan harga ekonomis Rp. Suatu kondisi kerusakan Retina mata pada bagian Macular yang berfungsi untuk ketajaman dan focus mata pada object lurus, seperti melihat wajah seseorang, mengemudi, membaca, menulis dan intermedite activities. After machining and a subsequent cleaning process, the metal ceiling elements are coated as standard with high quality polyester hybrid powder.
GEMA was a pioneer in electrostatic powder coating of surfaces and thus contributed to an improved surface quality for economical metal ceiling production.
Bioguard is a special powder coating originally developed for use in clean rooms of a chemical and pharmaceutical company.
Square tile systemsSquare tiles of the Q system rangeare suitable for a wide variety of room configurationsand create a pleasant atmosphere.
Grid systemsThe grid systems are especially suitable for large rooms with flexible room partitioning.

Tartan-grid systemsTartan-grid systems are especially suitable for rooms in which sub-division of the room in longitudinal and transverse direction is required.
Vertical baffle systemsVertical baffle systems are the ideal combination of perfect sound absorption and attractive design options. Corridor ceiling systemsCorridor ceiling systems are the ideal solution for ceiling designs in corridores and passageways. Wall cladding systemsWith the metal wall cladding systems, unfinished walls, supports and columns are always elegantly concealed. Suspension SystemsWith the GemaGrid product, Armstrong offers a suspension system for modular system construction for simple, fast and safe installation for numerous ceiling systems.
Selain itu kami juga menawarkan Product Lensa dari berbagai merk (Essilor, Roddenstock, HOYA dll). Photolithography ??? ????? film? ???? photo resist? ???? PR ????, mask? ???? ????? ?? ???? ????, ??? ???? ???? ?? ?? ??? PR? ???? pattern? ????? ?????? ????. Lightweight nylon frame with molded-in universal bridge, adjustable temple that locks into place, impact resistant polycarbonate lenses provide 99.9% UV protection, scratch resistant coating, grey tinted lenses.

In addition, with this solvent-free plastic coating, GEMA already made a valuable contribution at that time to an environmentally-friendly application with enormous savings on paint powder consumption.
Due to the good sound absorption properties, the interior room facades also serve as absorbers. Powder coated finish options are UV-stable, inhibit micro-biological growth, are easy to clean and are very robust and impact-resistant. Bacteria which settle on the surface come into contact with the biocidal product contained in the powder. This destroys the cell wall of the bacterium, which prevents it from multiplying and it dies. As the agent is part of the coating and works as a catalyst, its effectiveness is maintained for an unlimited time.

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