This ZXSG-1200B Automatic UV coating machine (one coater) is necessary to printing products after fine print .
This ZXSG-1200B Automatic UV coating machine (one coater) is a high-tech procuct with light, machine,eletricity and gas, which can be used for both thick and thin paper, realizes whole-course automation and adopts belt conveying with high speed and efficiency.
The machine is widely used in digital image,wedding photography gallery,color photoprint,lsaer print,graphic output,digital printing,photo output,etc.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. All kinds of paper printed matter treated by this machine are not only improving the smooth finish of surface ,but also dampproof ,dustproof, sunproof and wear-resistant of for the surface of printed matter especially after UV vanish Processing. It creates a smooth surface, allowing the painted or printed finish to be smoother with better hold out.

They create a protective finish that will eliminate metal marking, and give the finished surface many of the scratch, mar and stain resistance of melamine papers. You work with a company to design and develop the labels, and finally they’re applied to your products. A UV coating fluid, which is a liquid combination developed by a UV light, is placed onto the surface of the label sheet as a protecting “shield”. The effect is comparable to laminating, calendering treatment, and no film-droping, curly and back light defect. This process involves varnishing printed labels with a UV coating to protect them from the elements. You can expect a laid-back, collaborative relationship when you team up with Blue Label Digital Printing, and we’ll keep the process as simple as possible.

Frustration ensues, and you find yourself wishing you’d done something to protect your labels. This helps protect the colors and images on your labels to keep them from fading and lasting longer. So don’t worry, we’ll be there to provide as much guidance as you need throughout the entire process.
Just as you would apply sunscreen to protect your skin, turn to UV coating lamination to protect your labels.

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