Did you know that mercury, contained in Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, is more dangerous than lead or arsenic?
Something that isn’t so well advertised, however, is the immediate damage caused when a person is exposed to the the high levels of mercury when cleaning up a broken or damaged CFL bulb. Dispose of the bulb by placing in a double lined bag, and then into a hazardous waste or batteries bin. Get Out Of Debt – New Manual Reveals How To Get Out Of Debt Even If Your Situation Seems Hopeless. Application: Mainly used for fast UV curing processes in printing and packaging industry as well as for inspections of 3-D-objects.
The Advantage And Disvantage Of Input Devices; Input devices serve a purpose but also come with a few disadvantages.
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Toxic mercury droplets spread by the broken bulb can cause migraines, disorientation, imbalances and other health problems when inhaled.
Wearing rubber gloves and trying not to inhale dust from the broken bulb, sweep the debris into a dustpan.
Place the remains in a sealable plastic bag, and then within another bag to minimise cuts from the glass, but do not put in your household bin. This is the default affiliate program and use it to promote Instant access to our recorded teleseminar. When the mercury contained in CFL bulbs ends up in landfills, waterways, oceans and the ground it affects not only humans, but animals and the environment.

Just by touching or inhaling the substance, people can also contract severe skin conditions, infections in cuts and other diseases.
Professor John Buckeridge, Head of the School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, says the public health effects of having millions of mercury-contained fluorescent tubes dumped in landfill will be ‘disastrous’, with possible severe environmental and health costs for both humans and animals. Research on Aliens, Reptilians, Time Travel, Paranormal, Metaphysical Abilities and Advanced Science. The truly devastating consequences of this will mostly be seen by future generations, so it is important to understand the dangers now and take appropriate action to help mitigate further damage.

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