Our Vitamin D Lamp is the only FDA recognized ultraviolet product for Vitamin D production in the human body.
The Sperti Vitamin D Lamp allows you to easily improve your levels of Vitamin D without tanning. If you'd like evidence of the Vitamin D Lamp's effectiveness, feel free to download this study (pdf, opens in new window). The seasonality of pandemic and non-pandemic influenzas: the roles of solar radiation and vitamin D. If you have skin type 1 (always burns, pale white, never tans), you should not use this lamp.
We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Living in the great American temperate rainforest of the Pacific NW, I know it's difficult to get enough sun exposure for optimum Vitamin D production during most of the year. Learning about the importance of vitamin D (from the sun) became paramount as one of the tools for rebuilding my body's immune system which was devastated from multiple bladder infections, years of living very close to heavy power lines and radar beamed from large parked shipping vessels, traumatic childhood, food destruction through chemtrails, GMO, processing, false information, etc. Vea porque la fototerapia UVB de Banda Estrecha en el hogar es una efectiva alternativa a las clinicas de fototerapia en este estudio de 25 pacientes usando equipos Solarc el area de Ottawa. Vea lo que cientos de actuales usuarios de fototerapia de Solarc en el hogar tienen que decir. Clic aqui para obtener acceso a nuestros Calendarios gratuitos para Tratamiento con fototerapia.
Muchas companias de seguros le ayudaran con la compra de un equipo de terapia de luz UV para el hogar.
Facilita cumplir con su horario de tratamientos - menos tratamientos omitidos significa mejores resultados.
Puede reducir y muchas veces eliminar el uso de cremas topicas y emolientes; ahorrando tiempo y dinero. Bajo supervision medica, puede muchas veces ser usado en combinacion con medicamentos topicos para resultados aun mejores. Permite a esos que viven muy lejos de una clinica disfrutar de los beneficios de la fototerapia ultravioleta. Las fuentes de luz artificial tienen la ventaja de proporcionar solo los anchos de banda de luz UV mas terapeuticos, al tiempo que minimiza los anchos de banda no-terapeuticos y potencialmente daninos. Las fuentes de luz artificial permiten mucho mas precision en las dosificaciones de UVB que la luz natural del sol. Los equipos de fototerapia para el hogar estan disponibles cuando usted lo esta, todo el ano, dia y noche. Si usted ha tenido exito en la clinica de fototerapia, es casi seguro que la fototerapia en el hogar ciertamente le funcionara. Hay cientos de equipos de fototerapia para el hogar SolRx los hogares de personas de todo el mundo.
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Per le opzioni di spedizione leggi la descrizione dell'oggetto oppure contatta il venditore. Questo importo include i costi applicabili per spese doganali, tasse, intermediazioni e altre tariffe.

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Al momento la tua offerta A? la piA? alta per questo oggetto, ma il prezzo di riserva non A? stato ancora raggiunto. Per aumentare le possibilitA  di aggiudicarti l'oggetto, prova a incrementare la tua offerta.
Questo venditore richiede all'acquirente di disporre di un conto PayPal per acquistare l'oggetto. Cliccando sul pulsante Offri con un clic, ti impegni a completare la transazione con il venditore nel caso risultassi il miglior offerente. Sunlamps and Full Spectrum Lights are great for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder and other problems. The light from a full spectrum light box or bulb is designed to enter the eyes indirectly while you work, read or relax. The light from a sunlamp like the Fiji is focused on your body, not your eyes, and is used to stimulate Vitamin D and tanning. The Zoo Med Reptile Basking Spot Lamp features a patented double reflector, which focuses 35% more heat and light into a tight beam. Zoo Med Reptile Basking Spot Lamps provide beneficial UVA rays which promote healthy breeding and feeding behaviors. ReptiSun 10.0 UVB Bulbs provide an effective source of UVB without emitting excess heat, and are ideal for Old World Chameleons and other reptiles that need high UVB exposure without higher temperatures.
The Exo Terra Daylight Basking Spot Lamp is a broad-spectrum daylight bulb for reptile and amphibian terrariums. This lamp features a Neodymium sleeve and provides a spectrum that supports the physiological wellbeing of reptiles, amphibians and live plants. Exo Terra Sun Glo Basking Infrared Spot Lamp provides a tight beam of light and heat that can be directed precisely on an area. Zoo Med Reptile Day Bulb in Blue is perfect for use in horizontal facing light hoods (like Zoo Med's Economy or Combination Reptile Hoods. Zoo Med Reptile Day Bulb provides UVA, the wavelength that promotes a psychological well being and stimulates normal feeding behaviors in reptiles.

The Exo Terra Repti Glo 10.0 has a very high UVB output similar to that associated with desert environments, creating an ideal environment for desert reptiles that depend on long exposure to sunlight. Desert locations receive more direct sunlight than any other because of fewer clouds, less air humidity and no plants or trees to provide shade. Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 UVB Bulbs provide the exact band of rays within the UVB spectrum for maximum vitamin D3 synthesis and calcium absorption. ReptiSun 5.0 UVB Bulbs provide 5% UVB which helps facilitate natural vitamin D3 synthesis, preventing or reversing Metabolic Bone Disease and other potential health issues in turtles, tortoises, bearded dragons, iguanas, and all other diurnal reptiles. We've been making quality sunlamps for decades and now you can order our sunlamps factory direct.
Contatta il venditore- si apre in una nuova finestra o scheda e chiedi la spedizione per il tuo indirizzo.
Hai letto e accettato i termini e le condizioni - viene aperta una nuova finestra o scheda del Programma di spedizione internazionale. Le spese di importazione precedentemente indicate sono soggette a modifica se aumenti l'importo dell'offerta massima. The Sperti Vitamin D Lamp is a sunlamp specifically designed to raise Vitamin D levels without tanning.
It is perfect for use with tropical and desert basking reptiles with high heat requirements.
They increase the overall ambient air temperature to meet the health needs of reptiles and amphibians, and create the proper heat gradients necessary for thermoregulation. This efficient light source is ideal for reptiles housed in larger vivaria whose natural environment and behavior patterns necessitate increased UVB exposure. It creates a basking area for healthy thermoregulation, while increasing ambient air temperature and providing UVA rays to stimulate breeding behavior and photosynthesis. The "spot" aspect lets you focus the beam and direct the heat to create a basking area in any part of the terrarium. The heat and light provided is increased by 35%, allowing greater distances between the bulb and the basking site. Therefore desert reptiles are more exposed to UV radiation than any other type of reptile.This bulb can also be used on screened terrariums or terrariums with dense screen covers to ensure UVB penetration. These low heat bulbs also emit UVA, which helps increase your reptile's appetite, activity and breeding. They also emit 30% UVA, which stimulates healthy appetites, activity levels, and breeding behaviors. When I finally woke up, I fired my MD who focused only on covering (smothering) my bodies symptoms with more poisonous toxins.
Se sei residente in uno stato membro dell'Unione Europea eccetto il Regno Unito, non puoi recuperare l'IVA per questo oggetto. The PH-36 Psoriasis Lamp is FDA approved specifically for treating psoriasis, and requires a prescription.
You can check your fixture by unplugging it and looking at the metal tab in the center - where the bulb screws in.

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