Tank Husbandry RoutineFeeding: Fish are fed two to three times a day-marine flake, frozen brine, mysis, and EZ pods. Luckily, at that time I lived very close to House of Tropicals in Delhi and became friends with Wayne and was in there all the time.Biggest challenge you have faced in the hobby? They have a fleshy outgrowth from their head which has an illuminated bulb to attract preys. After awhile I decided to give it one more chance but this time I was going to try corals which got me excited again for the hobby.What has been easy for you?

For the future, I want to branch out to more types of corals, especially the fleshy types but I have to get rid of my bi-color angel which has killed a few of them. I also want to add a few select wrasses to the tank.Area of the hobby you would like to learn more about?
I think it was great starting with fresh water with inexpensive fish and building up from there. I guess the advice I would give myself is always get the better equipment, do not cut corners, and have a lot of patience.

They have a faint light in their mouth, which is because of the luminous photophores surrounding their jaws.2.
The photopores illuminate the whole body giving it an appearance which is quite alien-like.

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