Bertie county, nc, Official site news, budget information, meetings events, departments, county office directory, photographs.. Please CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO describing AI Technology’s Die Attach Film (DAF) Adhesive and Dicing Die Attach Film (DDAF) Adhesive technologies and product line.
Since the 1990’s, AIT has been known for manufacturing high performance die?attach film adhesives for stacked chips of over 20 layers with military reliability. AIT’s ESP7660?HK and ESP8660?HK also improve the reliability of larger devices of stacked chips with polymer molecular engineering which absorbs the interfacial stress of bonding. AIT die-attach film adhesives are engineered to have high temperature bond strength to allow for wire-bonding operations up to 275°C with low stress for larger dies. DAF has more than 10 years of proven success in stacking multiple chips for high reliability applications. Die Attach Film (DAF) on Dicing Tape or Dicing Die-Attach Film (DDAF) is available from AI Technology for wafer level application. Die-Attach film (DAF) adhesive has become popular and mandatory when stack chips are used to accomplish larger capacity in 3-D packaging of flash memory devices.  The push now is for even thinner insulating die-attach adhesive that can properly handle interfacial stresses in stacking chips with bond-lines as thin as 8-10 microns or less to help mobile devices to achieve even lower profiles.
By eliminating the paste dispensing requirement of low viscosity, AIT  produces DAF film adhesives with proper melt-flow and bonding characteristics with engineered molecular structures to manage stress, thermal stability and moisture absorption and sensitivity with unparalleled performance.
By laminating the DAF film adhesives with controlled thicknesses from 10 micron, AIT DAF adhesives melt-flow at temperatures around 80°C and are thus ambient storable for shipping and handling for one year at ambient temperature before or after dicing.
AIT is also one of the first to provide proven DAF adhesives that are electrically conductive for power devices in the thickness of 20 micron. AIT is also one of the first to provide thermally conductive DAF adhesives that are electrically insulating but thermally conductive with years of proven successes manufacturing thicknesses of 20 micron.

AIT DAF is also engineered to melt-flow and bond onto substrates at temperature of 125-175°C with minimal pressure of around 5 psi and continue for full cure at the same temperature without applying pressure.  Unlike paste, the die position will not shift, thus allowing ultra precise packaging needed in multi-chip modules (MCM) or SiP (System-in-package). Manufactured in clean room environment with scalable capacity of more than 10 million square ft per year in the United States. FOW DAF adhesive has an additional processing capability to flow over the wire of the wire-bonded section of the stacked chip. New Dicing Die-Attach Film Availability: AIT is now producing wafer dicing die-attach film in wafer sizes up to 450mm in combination with dicing tape in reel-to-reel format. The compatibility of the dicing tapes with the DAF adhesive must be tested and proven before adoption.
It must have good bonding to the DAF and yet can be released without causing part of the DAF to be delaminated from the diced chips. In addition to not leaving  residuals on the DAF on the diced chip, AIT dicing tapes designed for the DDAF application are engineered to blend and form part of the DAF during curing to eliminate all fear of contamination induced failure.
AIT pioneered the self-supporting die-bonding film adhesive that enables high thermal and electrical conductivity coupling with stress absorbing capability embedded in the molecular structures to provide robust manufacturability and reliability of the assembled devices. Now, AIT’s engineering team has successfully implemented an advanced automated line of DAF manufacturing and advanced PLC for even better control of thickness and higher capacity. This allows for tacking the die onto the substrate with low temperature (80-160°C) and low pressure (4-8 psi) for a short time (1-2 seconds).
The following graph is a reflection of the low moisture absorption and potential for packaging components for lead-free soldering without pre-baking. AIT may be the only manufacturer of DDAF that makes its own dicing tape and die-attach film adhesives in USA.

The same process of pre-lamination onto the wafer before dicing is achieved with lower pressure at slightly lower temperature for AIT FOW DAF.
This made-in-the-USA DDAF and packaging presentation is similar to products by Lintec, Hitachi and other Japanese suppliers. Please go to Products Application Form to receive a recommendation from our office on your specific application.
This adoption of a higher capacity line under a clean room environment represents AIT’s commitment to provide the best products for its semi?conductor customers domestically as well as internationally. With these new developments, AIT was the first to produce 8?10 micron insulating DAF consistently for even the largest wafer dimension of 450mm.
It then is followed by a curing process without needing pressure at a temperature that fits the manufacturing process. The adhesive film behaves more like a liquid adhesive once it reaches the designed temperature of 90-150°C. While AIT manufactures more traditional controlled peel, UV and heat induced releasing dicing and grinding tapes, one of its pioneering technologies in the controlled peel strength dicing tape application is the availability of tapes that withstand high temperature exposure up to 250°C. AIT’s new DAF manufacturing line is able to make DAF for the newer 450mm wafer technology that will become more important in coming years.
For power devices requiring silver filled conductive DAF, AIT’s ESP8660?HK has been proven to work best with thicknesses of 20 microns.

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