You can get an inexpensive one for about $7 from Amazon. A better one is listed at the bottom of this article. If you have read The Mars Records, Book 2, you will remember how when Michael was on Mars, he used to remote view himself back in time, to make sure that no one did anything to him after he was age recessed and time travelled back and put back on earth. But, at the end of his 20 years tour of duty on Mars, he returned to his normal time and earth. Three years after this, the military, with the occasional help of aliens, started abducting Michael, about once a month, and harvesting reproductive material from him, for the purpose of breeding more individuals like him.
After this happened a few times, he had the thought of inspecting himself after an abduction, with a black light. Around the areas in the creases either side of his groin, where the scars had appeared, we saw a lot of patches of bright, pretty colors! The back ground to this story is the time when Stephanie got abducted and their two month old daughter was stolen from her womb by reptilians, with the help of some aliens.  (I am reacting as I write this. After the baby was stolen, there were at least two other times when Stephanie got abducted in the months afterwards. After these abductions, we inspected Stephanie’s body with a black light to see if any of those weird colors appeared.
The shape of the yellow color was exactly what you would expect to see if Stephanie had been lying back in a chair, with both of her hands in bowls of yellow liquid.
If you are reading this article, it’s highly likely that you also have been abducted, otherwise you would have left this website a long time ago.
Cada vez es mas popular la idea de celebrar un Glow Party o fiesta de Neon en unos 15 anos, Proms, fiestas juveniles e inclusive Chiquitecas. Hola que tal les hago una consulta me podrian enviar informacion de como es el mural de neon ? Buenas noches quiciera cotizar todo este paquete para aproximadamente 270 personas, la ocasion es celebracion de grado (pre PROM grado 11), seria para principios de Noviembre de este ano . Estoy muy interezada en hacerle una fiesta de 15 a mi.hermana con la tematica neon me gustaria saber cuanto vale y que trae incluido y con cuanto tiempo de anticipacion se llama para contratarlos.

Nosotros funcionamos por disponibilidad es bueno que lo reserves con anticipacion por lo menos unos 8 o 15 dias antes. Me gustaria conocer los precios de todos los accesorios Glow con los que trabajan y el precio de alquiler de las luces UV para realizar un promedio de presupuesto para un evento. Buenas tardes, solicito la cotizacion de todo incluido para la fiesta de 15 anos de nuestra hija el 31 de mayo de 2014.
Buenos dias, hemos enviado el catalogo completo; nosotros prestamos el servicio a domicilio. Solicito cotizacion guesta neon para 25 ninas es de 11 anos con todi inclyido y solo la giesta con sonido y accesorios y luces. Por favor me podrian mandar la cotizacion y los costos de la pintura y los marcadores neon, y si tienen globos led y pinturas glow para el cuerpo. Quisiera por favor y me enviaran una cotizacion para unos 15 anos neon, es para finales del mes de agosto, si el evento llegara a ser en otra ciudad fuera de bogota, cuanto me cobrarian por el envio de los accesorios a la ciudad del evento. Buenos , para preguntar sobre un paquete completo para una fiesta de 16 en octubre , gracias .
Hola , quiero hacer mis 15’s como se ven en sus imagenes, me podrian mandar el catalogo. Buenas noches quisiera por favor me enviaran una cotizacion y toda la informacion de lo que ofrecen para una fiesta de 15 anos neon. That meant that for 20 years, there were two of him in the solar system at the same time; one on Mars and one on earth. Muscle testing showed that we were both majorly out of balance, which made no sense, since all we had been doing was sleeping. There were none of the colors that appeared on Michael, but both times, we saw a clear, solid yellow, that was very slightly greenish, on Stephanie’s hands, demarcated by a diagonal line. That is not very strange, because we believe that 30% of people have been abducted at least once. Do this for at least six weeks, as many abductees get taken once a month (although some are taken only once a year or less).

Nuestra empresa va a la vanguardia y por eso tenemos los paquetes completos para que te diviertas en la oscuridad.
We believe that she was taken to be with her daughter, because the baby was losing the will to live, and something was transferred from mother to daughter, that restored this. Only then will you understand why this information will never be discussed on any UFO or Conspiracy site and will never be touched by broadcasters like Alex Jones, Jeff Rense or George Noory. Podrian por favor describir en detalle lo que ofrecen y tambien las sugerencias con la experiencia que tienen nos pueden aportar. The human military and the aliens work together, with the humans be the stooges for the aliens.
Most of the people we communicate with have been abducted many times since they were children.
El sitio esta por confirmar pero en principio es una casa grande solo el primer piso en el centro de Bogota; tambien necesitamos saber de cuanto tiempo necesitan para la decoracion. Maybe one day the military will wake up to the fact that they have been the fall guy, and what they should do instead.
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