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Simplicity itself, this black light bulb sits neatly into pretty much any bayonet style light fitting in lamps or light fixtures and gives off a constant stream of UV light, which is perfect for super-charging glow in the dark products and highlighting anything with fluorescent colours.
This bulb is actually a fluorescent tube formed into the shape of a light bulb, much like modern 'Energy Saving' light bulbs.
Ideal for people wanting to play with black light without having to change batteries or mount any new light-fixtures to the wall. They don't put out huge amounts of UV light (compared to a 4ft tube for example, understandably), so you would need a few to UV light an average room effectively. Bought this to super charge glow in the dark painted ceiling and walls for little ones room. Reviews are visible to everybody, so please keep your feedback appropriate for all audiences. This Replacement Black Light UV Bulb is suitable for use with counterfeit banknote detectors and similar machines. Fundraise with Glow Bracelets, Glow Sticks, Light Sticks and Finger Lights at your next party, school disco, rave or event.

The use of the Slice of the moon logo and all associated images and content are prohibited from use without expressed consent of EKS Entertainment Group. This UV Black Light Bulb fits into a regular bayonet fitting on almost any lamp or ceiling light. Great value for money and an instant fun party effect with no hassle (simply put them in your regular light fitting) One of ours stopped working after a few days but after a quick phone call to your customer services and a replacement was quickly despatched to arrive the following day. This 6 watt bulb provides ultra violet light for a variety of applications including to help detect forged banknotes and cards. It uses only 25 watts and has an 1,000 hour bulb life, with 25 watt being one of the strongest blacklights you can get. They have some specialized applications and the use of these bulbs makes things shine in the dark. This blacklight bulb will liven up your celebrations, Halloween parties, dances and get-togethers for years. The blacklight completely changes the atmosphere of any happy gathering or occasion by "making" objects glow such as anything white and UV reactive materials. Black lights presented in fluorescent lights generate 100% UV energy whilst black light bulbs simply emit a faint purple light.
Our range of UV reactive paints are perfect for combination with these bulbs to make them glow in the dark brightly! These light bulbs are a popular alternative for Halloween decorations and black lights in glowing tubes for black light effects are very popular for this reason.18 inch black light fixtureBlack light bulbs have a special element recognized as a phosphor.

Can be used in any environment and screwed into any E26 base, which is your regular household screw bulb base, Compact Fluorescent Bulb - CFL. Black light or near ultraviolet energy varies between 310 nanometers and 400 nanometers in the electromagnetic spectrum. It is these wavelengths which lead to the occurrence of fluorescence, making the lighting supplied by those dark light bulbs attractive. In the range of just about 370 nanometers, the radiation can enter the visible range to generate a small amount of bluish light.black light bulb with adapterThe black bulbs have found many uses in manufacturing and home use as well.
Black light uses in the engineering scenario comprise inspection for leaks, cracks, and other flaws for the period of manufacturing and quality control checks. Used commercially, they have been discovered to be very practical by night clubs and cafes for fluorescing costumes and ornaments as well as for bug traps and psychedelic lighting. Another popular business use of these black light bulbs is indoor and outdoor advertising, window displays, and television and theatrical scenery lighting.black light bulbsUsed by the police and also other monitoring agencies, the black light lightning fixture is applied for recognition and marking of objects, recognition of counterfeit money and bank notes photocopy inspection, petroleum geology, chemistry, embalming, stamp examination, luminous instrument panels.
In addition, one of the most admired industrial uses for black light bulbs is in the safety arena.

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