Adhesive BOPP Tape Water Acrylic Adhesive BOPP Tape Best Quality 1.Reference data Base Material BOPP Film(Biaxillary Oriented Poly Propylene Film) Adhesive Coating Emulsion Pressure Sensitive Water Base Butyl Acrylic. BOPP Packing Tape Product Structure: A BOPP (biaxially oriented poly propylene) plastic adhesive tape. Garry Jones is President of Lloyds of Indiana, an Online seller of print finishing products and services located in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Silicone High Insulating Thermal Conductive Heat Sink Pads with Adhesive Coating The TIF110FG-15-25S thermally conductive interface materials are applied to fill the air gaps between the heating elements and the heat dissipation fins or the metal base. Professional Crystal Clear Tape Strong Adhesive Coated With Water Based Acrylic Glue BOPP film as basement, coated with slovent based acrylic adhesion, low cost, strong viscosity high tensile strength, widely used in all fields. Adhesive Coated Carpet Protection Film Interior refurbishments or painting and decorating work can make a real mess of surfaces like carpet, granite, marble and formica. Pneumatic Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Machine Using: Pneumatic Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Machine,widely used in the fileds of shoes making,package industry,wood product,textile,toy,leather,sanitary product and electric appliance manufacturing. Soft-touch velvet BOPP thermal laminating film with EVA adhesive coating Tactile membrane (SoftTouch Film), is a latest research results from the European BOPP laminating film special.

Reports from customers who are using it on their Konica Minolta BizHub printers are, they still experience some flaking and waste from their output. It is a little more than the Tec Lighting finish, but offers a high quality gloss or matte finish.
Exquisite exterior designCompact sizes cost less working area, save the users’ freight cost. Their flexibility and elasticity make them suited to the coating of the very uneven surfaces. Fast installation of a temporary carpet protection film ensures your carpet and stonework stays clean and undamaged throughout the building works. This patented technology has the film factory, only production of BOPP film products, and has over 20 years of professional experience. The machine is widely acknowledged as the advanced, mature and professional type in technology at home and abroad. Strong grip can be ensured because of the excellent adhesive backing.Advanced equipment guarantees consistent quality.

If you are using a Konica-Minolta BizHub printer, you have to have the right coating for it to work and produce the stunning finish a uv coated sheet can produce.
Aluminum alloy material (antirust) oil outlet with full automatic intelligence cycle system, reduce the consumption of oil volumes and troubles of the coating liquid continuously supplemented. You don’t have to wash the bottom rolling everyday to prevent the photos from oil stain. Widely usage rangeSpecial material made double rolling worm design, use isolated sealed ultraviolet light fast dry, very safety.

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