Proper filtration (especially biological) and circulation, cleaning and maintenance, proper chemistry and feeding. This article will also deal with winter care tips, pond predators such as Herons and much more. Placement of your yard pond is important, despite popular belief a pond is best placed above any low spots in your property as drainage from a rainstorm (or even over watering) can foul your pond adding many unwanted nutrients and more. A general principle (not a rule) of about 50-200 gph per 100 gallons can work for this (A lower proportional gph for large ponds, a higher proportional gph for small ponds).
A large aeration device (air stone) coupled to an Air Pump can also aid in circulation and are especially useful for “lifting” (vertical circulation) water from the bottom of a pond when properly placed. A large double air pump such as a Fusion 700, Million Air 600, Whisper 800, or Maxima with two air stones can circulate at a rate up to 500 gph. For cross circulation (& lifting water to water features), a water pump is the primary choice. See this tutorial or help with tubing connections with your UV Sterilizer, Pump, Filter, etc. The fountain head in the picture to the left (click to enlarge) is an excellent way to aerate.
I have found when I took over a pond care contract for a client that already have a skimmer, I would later disconnect the skimmer after adding a Veggie Filter.
These macropores are ideally sized for the support of nitrifying and de-nitrifying bacteria.
I prefer pressurized pond filters such as the SunSun UVC Pressurized or others for their efficiency and ease of hiding in the ground.
For small ponds and patio ponds (ponds built in above ground "Rubber Made" or other similar containers such as converted horse waterers), large sponge filters are excellent bio filters and reasonable mechanical filters.
There now is a specific patented Pond Sponge Filter called the Hydro-Pond by ATI, with three models; one air driven, two pump driven. For "patio ponds", these filters can perform very well since the only weakness is inability to handle large debris, but with patio ponds this is rarely a problem.
With the SunSun CHJ-1503 or similar Submersible Pond Filter you can easily attach a UV Sterilizer to the “diverter” valve (just above the filter and below the fountain head) for improved water clarity. Another way to add filtration as well as a UV Clarifier is to use one of the before mentioned submersible filters along with the SunSun CUP series true UV Sterilizers that are a self contained filter, pump, and UV clarifier (these are mentioned in more depth in the UV section of this article).

Bio falls such as the Savio Livingponds Filters are also excellent pond filters for medium and many larger ponds. However if you have purchased a unit such as Savio Livingponds Waterfall filter, you can add extra media to meet your pond needs and possibly save money.
Plastic grates and even rocks formed into basin can be used to construct the bio and mechanical filter for flow through either prior to a water all or after (prior is more common). Two aspects of this filter type I like is their ability to go inline from the pump to any water feature, such as a water fall, while maintaining water pressure (no need for gravity feed). Despite what pundits for these over priced monstrosities say, they are not originally designed for ponds.
Of these types, the Fluidized is the most efficient from what I have found, especially the third generation models such as the TMC V2 1500 Fluidized Filter.
The best is the TMC Pro Pond FBF80 Fluidized Filters with the capacity to handle 176 lbs of bio mass respectively (this is a LOT of fish!). Any plant with a good root structure that grows fast and has the majority of their leaves above water is a good candidate to start with.
I recommend water iris for their strong root structure, fast growth, great nutrient absorption, and a great place for baby fish (fry) to hide feed and grow (if you use an “in pond” Veggie Filter). There are many other excellent plants as well such as Cattails, Sweet Flag, Parrots feather, Bluebells, Umbrella palm, Papyrus, & bull rush.
Other plants such as lilies and hyacinth are reasonable for nutrient removal too, but NOT at the rate of iris and similar plants.
The area of the Veggie Filter should be relatively shallow as well to force water movement over and through the roots. Using PVC pipe with holes drilled and then embedded in this volcanic rock with plant roots that then feeds into a True UV Sterilizer makes all the difference in the world (The cheap UV Clarifiers sold via Amazon, eBay, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. Another common mistake is to simply run even an effective true UV such as the TMC Advantage or Emperor from just a water pump with no pre-filtration prior to entering the UV Sterilizer.
It is also noteworthy than many so called UV Sterilizers are in fact ONLY capable of UV Clarification and therefore should be labeled as UV Clarifiers, but are unfortunately improperly labeled as Sterilizers.
This is an important point, even if you are not interested in improving water chemistry via Redox or killing disease pathogens, as a true UV Sterilizer can "Clarify" a pond much quicker than a UV that is ONLY capable of clarification.
In larger ponds with high flow rates I often recommend more than one UV sterilizer, with a by-pass from the main line to control flow rate, then each unit connected in parallel for best results, although in-line can work too, just not as effectively.

For CORRECT UV Sterilizer function, the pre-filtration of water prior to entering the UV is a MUST (even if just encasing the pump with volcanic rock as shown near the beginning of this article). Durability is ensured by a design with no internal moving parts and a tough, corrosion-resistant polymer housing.
Here you can find much information about Plastic Garden Hoses Reels manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers. All oxygen is exchanged at the surface, so good surface agitation over the entire pond is best.
As well after splitting a return line, the lines should not be combined later in the return. They are useful up to 1500 gallons and more can be used for larger ponds or in combination with other filters. Make sure these types of plants (plants with roots in water and leaves above) are planted in an area of good, but not strong water movement.
This increases water turbidity considerably and thus lowers UVC effectiveness also considerably. Often a separate, slower pump (with a pre-filter) installed for the sole purpose to run the Pond UV sterilizer is the key to success when the main pump line runs at too high a flow rate for the UV to be optimally effective. The innovate tilt-angle LCD display shows on-screen menus while the navigation pad is intuitive to anyone familiar with everyday electronics. Simply placing your water pump in a bed of volcanic rock can often work as a pre-filter, so can a Hydro Pond Sponge Pre-Filter.
The programmable analyzer mode supports mathematical manipulation of measured data and puts the calculated result right on the display. Or you are a Plastic Garden Hoses Reels manufacturer, click here to publish your product information now.
A graphical display then shows those standards on a straight line graph so you can see where your sample lies in comparison.
A screen print feature gives you a permanent record of your data at any point.Sample compartment accepts standard 10-mm square cuvettes and test tube cuvettes from 13- to 25-mm diameter.

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