Nasty microorganisms lurking on bed rails, tables, doorknobs and other surfaces in hospitals are causing a more than $30 billion (PDF) problem for the U.S.
Xenex Healthcare Services LLC’s portable disinfection system pulses bursts of the inert gas xenon at a rapid speed and high intensity in an ultraviolet flash lamp, producing UVC radiation. Xenon UV light is advantageous to hospitals because it’s less expensive, quicker and less harmful than traditional ways of automated sterilization, like using hydrogen peroxide gas or mercury lamps, Miller said. Most customers use the device on 30 to 50 rooms a day, although the company thinks it can be used up to 60 times per day, according to Miller. Two years after the launch of its product, Xenex has just raised $9 million to support a push into international markets like Canada, Europe and Australia. An attorney by trade, Miller is also co-founder and former president and CEO of the IT company Rackspace Hosting. So far about 100 hospitals are using the system, he said, including Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Massachussets, Cone Health System in North Carolina and MountainView Hospital in Nevada. This product promises to lower hospital telemedicine hardware costs by as much as 60 percent, according to Specialists On Call. The Innovation Showcase at ENGAGE 2016 will feature cutting-edge companies that are disrupting patient engagement and healthcare delivery. While the majority of people are aware of skin damage that can result from unprotected exposure to the sun, very few know about the harmful effects that ultraviolet light can have on the eye. For example, abnormal growth of the conjunctiva, known as pterygium, may develop causing partial blockage of vision by obstructing the cornea. Consumers are advised to purchase glasses that absorb 99 to 100 percent of UV-A and UV-B radiation. He completed an additional year of sub-specialization in Glaucoma at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, NY. Tanorexic Teens"It may make my skin wrinkle a little bit earlier, but I'm going to look good while I can," stated Kylie-Ayn Kennedy, a sixteen year old teenager (TIME). Although the public is familiar with microwaves as a tool to heating food, generally microwaves are minute wavelengths of electromagnetic energy that can be measured using centimeters, and are used in a broader sense. These wavelengths also travel as fast as the speed of light, but have longer wavelengths than that of visible light. Even though some women do not use safety glasses when using solariums, explaining how they do not want to get those white circles around the eyes as an excuse, ophthalmologists advise: Eye protection must always be in a first place! If you believe that you can protect your eyes only by closing the eyelids, then you live in a serious misconception.
We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. You can purchase Sun Sails or Shade Sails through a variety of stores such as Target, Home Depot, Bath Bed and Beyond, Ebay and a large number of online sites. Dig post holes at each corner of the patio for a square covering or at three sides for a triangle.
Use adjustable tent poles,  permanently install posts in the middle of the sides if the covering is large or heavy, or secure ends to tree limbs in your yard. Now that summer has finally arrived, we thought this attractive, functional and economical shade solution for your backyard deck, patio, pool, play area, campground, outdoor event or any place that shade is needed was timely. As always, we hope that you enjoy this post and find it helpful in restyling the place you live into the place you love! Great Article, If anyone is looking to install a shade sail at there home remember that there are plenty of professional fabricators that can now offer custom shade sails made to your measurments. The Blue tint to the QUARTZ GLASS to give whiter light, The bulbs uses advance Japanese super white pigment. H1 100W 12vKobo HID Headlight Bulbs Blue Tint Super White Xenon Gas Charged Halogena€? PLEASE ENSURE THAT you do not touch the GLASS when installing the Bulbs. At certain wavelengths, UV light penetrates the cell walls of bacteria, viruses, mold and spores.
Hospital staff members clean the surfaces of the room as they usually would, to get rid of surface dirt, and then bring in the machine, open drawers and expose other surfaces that are likely to be contaminated.
He added that use of the device costs about $3 per room, factoring in up-front and maintenance costs. As these infections have become increasingly resistant to common antibiotics, hospitals have adopted different methods for large-scale disinfection to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

The VA recently conducted a return on investment analysis using the product, and Miller said he expects a large tailwind from the strong results of that study. More importantly, the cart is another step toward the commoditization of telemedicine hardware. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect and interact with executives, stakeholders and influencers Oct. Yet experts agree it is critical to protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation using hats and sunglasses. While this inflammation usually subsides, long-term UV exposure can lead to cumulative eye damage that is reflected in a number of conditions.
Moreover, ultraviolet radiation is not limited to direct sunlight, as reflections from metal, snow, or other surfaces can also inflict eye damage.
An ongoing problem in the United States is the increasing number of teens like yourself, that hit the beds on a daily basis. It is even believed in theory that microwaves are the cooled and calmed form of gamma radiation. Because of this ability, microwaves are widely used to transmit information such as weather forecasts, telephone calls, computer data, radio and television broadcasting, and reception of graphic images. They significantly increase the risk of skin cancer, especially melanoma – the most malignant form. UV rays from solariums can cause long-term damage, outgrowths in eyes and skin cancer on the eyelids.
You can sit under your sun sail during the summer months and enjoy the family without the worry of UV rays.
You can use shade cloth, a painter’s drop cloth, a simple tarp or you can design and sew your own from canvas. If you’re using a very large or very heavy covering, put grommets in the center of three sides. Use a drill to make a starter hole near the top of each post on the sides facing the patio.
Combine more than one Sun Shade Sail or mix shapes to create your own unique outdoor shade and living space. As we are becoming more and more aware of the harmful effects that overexposure to UV rays can cause, lots of people have looked towards additional protection. And can get more high colour temperature (5000) K and more bright lighting sources similar to HID lamp. IF you have touched the bulbs, kindly wipe off all traces of hand oil off the bulbs before installation. This cool-looking device is one of many trying to hunt down these microorganisms in an effort to reduce healthcare-associated infections like MRSA and C. Some uses devices like Altapure’s and SixLog’s, which convert common liquid disinfectants into a fog that can sanitize rooms in minutes. In a study conducted at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, pulsed xenon UV light reduced the presence of C.
Registration or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. More severe eye diseases may develop as well, such as cancer and retina damage in the form of macular degeneration. He completed his Ophthalmology training at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, and later was selected as Chief Resident of that program. Why continue to harm your skin with the violent ultraviolet tanning rays if the final outcome could potentially be lethal?
These waves have properties that allow them to transmit information from one end to another because of their ability to penetrate different elements, such as smoke, snow, clouds, and rain.
The earth then can be viewed from space through the use of the microwaves; wavelengths are sent bursting from space until they hit an object, which may be a land form, a body of water, or even ice caps, and the radar records the result of this activity. Patio sun shade sails use tensioned fabric across 3 or more anchors to a sail in the air to provide shade on the below area.
In recent years Sun Sail shade fabric has become increasingly popular and will continue to grow when home owners realize the possibilities. Made with the latest technology and last as long as standard bulbs These bulbs Uses QUARTZ GLASS a€“ the highest possible quality and COMPLETELY blocks UV RAYS which can melt or discolour your plastic lens.

The entire process takes about 10 minutes and leaves no residue or gas in the room, Miller said. A majority of Xenex’s funding thus far has been provided by Cutstone Ventures LLC, an investment firm led by Morris.
Therefore, it is of utmost importance to wear sunglasses that effectively protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. Without microwaves, scientists won’t be able to study the geography of the earth’s surface, transmit different kinds of information, manage the earth’s satellite, and enjoy a good bag of popcorn.
By not following this advice, you could face the appearance of a benign outgrowth on the conjunctivae, known as pterygium, said Dr. Before you go and make a purchase, be sure to understand your product fabric type, coverage area, and installation requirements. According to cheerleader, Kylie-Ayn, "A year round tan is becoming part of the cheerleading uniform, all of the tan girls are considered popular" (TIME). Make a fabric patio cover in the morning with these steps and enjoy your covered patio in the afternoon. A recent study shows that thirty million people tan indoors every year and nearly three quarters of them are women between ages sixteen and twenty nine (Salahi).
These Bulbs are gas filled 5000K bulbs which will ensure that you achieve the Hyper white effect. You will be getting the same HID look by spend ONLY a fraction of what you would pay for the high intensity discharge light bulbs. However, the first tanning bed was developed in 1906 for a completely different purpose (Barlow). The precisely calculated filament and xenon gas filling in our premium lamps give you the following benefits: a€? The clear white light produced like HID bulb is similar to daylight.
Christine Barlow, from Gardener-Webb University explains, "The beds were used on people with calcium deficiency disorders to see if sunlight would help their bodies produce more calcium" (Barlow). Over time someone realized that the beds, once used for research, were a perfect way to develop a tan without the use of sunlight. Some avid tanners, possibly you, may argue that tanning beds are a safer way to darken your skin compared to natural sunlight because of the mandatory time limit. Medical Doctor, Melissa Stoppler, disagrees, "Natural sunlight contains a mixture of both short UVB waves and longer waves of UVA rays, while tanning booths focus on the use of UVB rays" (Stoppler). One guaranteed and noticeable outcome of the continual use of tanning beds at a young age is premature skin aging.
Right now we only care about the present; however, the future of lines, wrinkles and age spots are creeping upon us faster than we can put on a pair of tanning goggles.
English Graduate Student, Rutuja Janthar explains, "Overexposure of ultraviolet rays leads to 'ocular carcinoma' or cancer of the eyes" (Janthar).
Katie Donner, a contestant in the Miss Indiana Beauty Pageant, discovered a brown spot on her leg at the age of seventeen. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer that is formed in the cells that make the pigment melanin (National Cancer Institute). The percentage of teenagers that go to the tanning beds should be mind blowing, even to bronzing beauties like you.
A survey conducted by researchers at Harvard University revealed that over forty two percent of teenage girls have tried indoor tanning (TIME). James Spencer, a clinical professor of dermatology at New York City's Mount Sinai School of Medicine. It may not be during teenage years, but forms of cancer, harm to the eyes and skin aging are possible hardships you, a tanning teen, may be faced with down the road.
Tanning beds are dangerous devices that you and many other teens in the United States crave, but can easily be avoided by staying out of the cancerous tanning bed.Works CitedBarlow, Christine.

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