Detail and texturing is not perfect, but this model is well suited for use at medium and long distances. The front cover of the passport is black in color with the silver colored New Zealand Coat of Arms printed at the center.
The passport of Finland looks elegant and regal with its burgundy color and the symbol of the Finnish Coat of Arms at the center of the cover. The Swiss passport, designed by Gottschalk and Ash (Swiss-Canadian design agency), is red in color with overlapping and embossed Swiss crosses on the front page.
Among the passports of all countries around the world, these five stand apart for their innovation and creativity. As one of the pioneers of in the travel industry, he is widely recognized for his charismatic personality and leadership qualities. Life in Thailand largely orbits around the balmy waters of Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand, teeming with exuberant and vivid marine life. If you thought getting through the big fat Indian wedding was the hardest thing for you to do, think again. Dubai is known to create the unthinkable and that is why it houses the best manmade wonders of the world. On the outer edges of both sides of the passport cover, you can find embossed silver ferns.

Designed by Neue Design Studio, the passport is issued in three colors; white for immigrants, turquoise for diplomats and red for standard passports. Apart from making it possible for the residents of Finnish to travel abroad, it also provides entertainment. The image of Coat-of-Arms is printed in golden color along with 12 golden stars taken from the European flag.
While being aesthetically beautiful, they also reflect and represent the history, culture and traditions of their countries.
While the passport of each country has a distinct look and design, the passports of a few countries would make you wish that you were born there! The New Zealand passport reflects the story of how the early navigators travelled to New Zealand across the sea.
As we move towards the end of the passport, you would be able to see the harbor, rivers and the mountains.
In the inner pages of the passport, the natural landscape of Norway is depicted in a simplistic way with mountains and a lake in pastel shades.
The specialty of this passport is that only Portuguese language is used to write on the cover of the passport. We apply module design technology on electric board and choose good anti-oxidation components for pipes?connectors and other parts.

These keep ozone machine (OZ series) to be long life?big discharge area?low working temperature and high Ozone concentration. The passport of New Zealand is a metaphor of travel and navigation, and combines the traditional and modern really well. When the inner pages of the passport are exposed to UV lights, they glow to depict a night time scene in green, indigo and purple colors. What’s unique is that rather than standing at the same place in all the pages, the location of the moose is different in each. The cover also has an invisible ink print which can be seen only when the passport comes under the ultraviolet light.
The emblem of the Portuguese Coat of Arms is printed on every inner page in the form of a watermark. You can order from Longevity Resources Inc ?? Features: ? 1?Air cooling,adjustable Ozone output.
This way, the Finnish have added a security measure to their passport in an aesthetic manner.

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