Our range of Roller coating Machine is a manual coater for duplex boards and thick paper above 250 GSM. Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state. Features:Mainly used in stainless steel and other metal plate before etching protective film coating,silk screen printing etc. 1,Controll system by Japan made MITSUBISHI PLC system, equipment responds quickly with high precision . 2.Print table with precision linear slide axis, material is stainless steel grinding with hardening treatment. In this section, the main features of every printing job are explained: size, type, paper and extra features. It is also more frequently used in portrait orientation (especially for folded and stapled booklets), but you dona€™t need to stick to those examples.A  Choose the size you want, be creative!A  For example, most of the mini catalogues are printed on A5 size, portrait orientation booklets, which is rather boring.
Other than this, nearly everything can be printed by choosing 3 types of paper and 3 types of paper weight. Silk (or Matt) paper produces nice quality prints but does not have that vibrant colour finish.
This is the process of applying a film to either one side or both sides of a printed document.
Depending on film used, the laminating process is divided intoA gloss laminatingandA matt laminating. This method involves the use of metal dies to give paper or substrate products specific shapes or designs. But you can use die cutting for making the print that is unique and targeted to your design requirements.
A varnish is a liquid coating applied to a printed surface (for example the outside of a presentation folder) to add a clear glossy, matte, satin, or neutral finish. These are main varnishing types: Gloss Varnishing, Matte Varnishing, Machine Sealing, UV Varnishing, Spot UV Varnish. Gloss Varnishing, Matt varnishing and Machine Sealing are used mainly for technical purposes. One very effective technique is to apply a UV gloss spot varnish on top of matt laminated printing. When a print project needs an elegant metallic finish to be applied to paper, it's easily accomplished using a process referred to asA foil printing or foilmetal, orA stamping. Gold Foil a€“ this is a method of printing that releases a golden colour foil from its backing when stamped with the heated die. Embossing a€“ this is a process that applies pressure to the backside of a material to alter the surface, giving it a threedimensional or raised effect.
Debossing a€“ this is the term used to describe the opposite process or effect, which involves applying pressure to the front side of a stock forcing the material away or down from the paper surface.
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Perfect varnishing: With a heated sheet cleaning calender, large cylinders as well as the extended flow-out section, the COLIBRI ensures highest gloss values as well as a spotless matt UV varnishing with low UV varnishing consumption. Please make us offer about your used machinery!We are looking forward to cooperate with you! We will explain the main differences and variations, and what is the right option for your business or occasion. But you dona€™t need to do it like others do a€“ choose any size you desire, leta€™s say DL size, rotate it to landscape a€“ this size is handier, friendlier and by putting fewer products on one page, you will make them more visible.
With this there are an extra 2 standard finishing options: matt or gloss laminating can be applied a€“ that is a whopping 27 variations to choose from to create a truly unique approach to your printing requirements. Silk paper is not vulnerable to being marred by fingerprints and it produces a non-glare photo.
As we said, it handles the dirt better; it is easier to read as it does not reflect the light like gloss paper.
By using knife-edge cutting blades formed into a pattern or die, a machine presses the die into the material to produce the desired shape. In booklet print, you may die cut any form on the cover, so that the print on the inner page will be seen, thus delivering some interesting ideas.
This process does not fully trim the desired materials away from the original shape, but instead creates a cut out area that remains in place. These are applied on printing surfaces as it locks the ink in from being fingered, especially a solid black print, where a lot of ink used.
This achieves maximum contrast between the highly reflective shiny UV coating and the light-absorbing matt laminate, and can, for instance, create a striking first impression on presentation folders or a brochure cover. The reproduction of graphics such as logos polished highlighted spot areas requiring a high quality reflective image can be effectively achieved by using foil films rather than metallic inks for the end result. The plate strikes a foil film, transferring the foil coating from the roll film onto the substrate that is to be imprinted.
This a€?expensive looka€? method is used on presentation folders, some business cards and other high-end prints.
The procedure involves the use of two dies; one fitting into the other so that the raised die forces the stock into the recessed die to create the embossed impression.
Although it is not as commonly used as embossing, debossing is occasionally used to provide a different effect or appearance that fits a particular theme. But dona€™t stop there; use mid heavy bond paper, rather than dull silk a€“ stand out from the crowd! 80 g paper weight is used for cheap prints a€“ mass flyers or for multipage catalogues, magazines or annual reports. Resistant to weather and time, its affordability makes it a popular choice and reduces print setup charges.

Some light folders might even be printed on this paper, but you should be careful as a light folder might not carry lots of inserts easily. The colour printed on gloss paper is usually brighter and shinier than on silk paper, although the reflection of light makes the text difficult to read. But if you are sending a message through look rather than just text, it would be more advisable to choose gloss paper. Matt and gloss laminating prices are shown as finishing options in all print types, where this process can be applied. Perforating is used when a desired section is to be removed from the document, but not immediately. Gloss varnish also enhances the appearance of the colours, while matt varnish gives the printed surface a non-glossy, smooth look.
Metallic inks, which are similar to standard printing inks, provide a subdued metallic appearance. The substrate then receives the high-density metallic finish, resulting in a reflective image with a bright and dense metallic appearance.
A die maker engraves the desired image, or copy, into several metal plates, which are the embossing dies for use on an embossing press. User-friendly and with minimal make-ready times, the Colibri can be used to its full potential.
Remember, the heavier print, the more expensive is distribution and delivery, and the cheaper it is to print! Because of greater ink spread, the images are rather dull; the black is not deep, but that is not important if you print a fashion catalogue, a posh spa centre pricelist, or a bulletin about youth education. Silk and gloss paper is charged at the same rate, while uncoated paper is slightly more expensive.
This has the affect of highlighting and drawing attention to that part of the design, but it also provides the additional visual stimulus of having varied textures on a single printed surface. The natural tendency of the ink to be absorbed into the stock contributes to a duller looking effect.
A wide selection of foil colours, finishes, and effects are available, but mainly used such as gold and silver foil.
Generally, embossing is the process most often employed to attract attention or convey a high quality textural contrast in relation to the surrounding area of the stock.
Low production costs: Thanks to the perfect preparation of the sheets by the calender, the technology used in the varnishing unit as well as the extended flow-out section, the application of UV varnish is approx.
This adds a lot of interest, and can identify the printing as a premium piece of literature in the perception of the reader. There are no additional costs for printing plates or rubber blankets, Maximum flexibility: Irrespective of varnish application the Colibri is ready for any kind of purpose and with minimum time and effort.

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