With improvements in light levels to HDTV standards while reducing energy consumption to the tune of 70% – LED Arena lights are making their mark in sports venues in the US and Canada. University of Rhode Island has installed the Ephesus Arena LED  - facility is used for NCAA Basketball and Hockey as well as concerts and other events. From AHL Hockey to NCAA sports – this busy facility has installed the Ephesus Arena LED and is enjoying improved lighting and energy savings while improving the fan experience at the venue. Cassette Tape Lamps: Cool tape lamp created by arranging dozens of individual cassette tapes into a visually appealing pattern. Tube Light by Castor Canadensis: Toronto-based design collective Castor Canadensis uses old tube lghts and fashions beautiful ceiling lights out of them. Lamps Made Out Of Light Bulbs: Bulbs Unlimited sells kits that creatively uses old light bulbs and transforms them into new light fixtures like the ones pictured here. Cardboard Flower Lights: Esprit Cabane created this cool set of flower-shaped light covers using cardboard carton cups. Water Bottle Chandelier: Functional and beautiful chandelier by S Haygarth, made from hundreds of plastic bottles. Cocktailumbrella Lamp: The cool lamp, based on an award-winning prototype by the Rhode Island School of Design, features cocktailumbrellas. Plastic Bottles Lamps: An awesome idea to reuse plastic bottles by making lamps out of them. Plastic Bottle Table Lamp: A gorgeous table lamp made using a combination of used plastic drinks bottles. Plastic Bottle Lights: Artist Michelle Brand designed these awesome plastic bottle blossom lights. Milk Bottle Lamp: Created using 12 milk bottles, this lamp looks a great way to bring light in any home filled with innovative and unique style. Bottle Light: This cool bottle light gives you an interesting option of reusing plastic bottles.
THIS LIGHT Made from Used Plastic Bottles: Creation of sibling team of R Howell and V Howell of THIS Gallery, these lamps are created using used plastic bottles. Measuring Light: It's a pendant lamp made of coiled measuring tape where measuring the tape transforms from functional tool to a graphic pattern. Plastic Bag Light Garden: This beautiful light creation was created using 80 used plastic bags.
Bottle Lamps: Quite simple to make, just put some mini lights inside the bottle and it looks really cool.

Bic Ballpoint Pen Chandeliers and Table Lamps: These beautiful chandeliers and table lamps by Studio Empieza looks really stylish and are hand-made using Bic pens.
Many restaurants have outdoor dining spaces that can teach you a lot about decorating your own patio. The Courtyard at Ralph’s in Paris has a wonderfully casual, chic appeal that it befitting of its city. Rustic meets modern at the Dylan Hotel in Amsterdam with oversized benches and bar-height tables with stools, all accented with faux animal textures to bring warmth to the space. Soho Beach House in Miami, FL uses a variety of string lights and small lamps to give this outdoor space a romantic glow. Home Delicate Restaurant in Milan, Italy used potted greenery to create a simple yet very attractive privacy wall, easy enough to create in your own backyard.
The Sky Yard at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, Canada captures a modern sensibility with clean lines and bold color blocking. Lush green plants and soft curtains make you forget you’re in the middle of a concrete jungle at the Grammercy Terrace in New York, NY.
Heat lamps add style to this outdoor space and ensure no one will get too chilly while enjoying their meal at Barcelona Atlanta in Atlanta, GA.
Club Tennis in Barcellona, Spain uses Foscarini Havana lamps throughout their dining space, serving to add both soft lighting and fantastic artistic style. About MeganMegan Morris is the CEO and founder of MHM Professional Staging, LLC in Orlando, FL and is a home staging expert, design specialist, event stylist, and fine artist. K West Images, Interior and Garden PhotographyIt's man made veneer stone available throughout North America under various names, Cultured Stone, Stone Selex, Canyon Stone, etc. Julia Pockett added this to Bamboo Products a€” Earth Friend or Foe?Bamboo is durable and resistant to insects and moisture.
So I started researching and slept on it for a few nights to figure out the easy as pie way to do it.
Let me tell you, it was pretty simple and once you figure it out, it only took me about an hour! The reason why these hold on is because it is a tight squeeze and they hook onto eachother holding everything tight. Once you have all 7 on your can tweak the spacing and make sure everything is holding nice and tight and you are done! Characterized by clean lines and a minimalist look, a contemporary home feels modern, fresh, and functional.

225,000 hours with very high lumen output make those lamps the right choice for major league sports arenas.
Some of the most incredible designs can be found in places like hotels, shops, and restaurants.
They can show you how to create a mood with the right decor, lighting, and furniture choices.
Lush greenery fills the space with life, while blue cushions and striped fabrics add an extra punch of color. A beautiful couch is used as seating at a couple of the tables while lush greenery climbs a large pergola. They blend with the other natural wood accents throughout the space, like that great bar area with a stunning feature wall. Incorporate it into the design like SB Noord in the Netherlands did with a beautiful oak serving as a naturally stunning centerpiece.
She has written three books, her most recent being Stageology: How to Stage to Sell in which she shares the best staging tips and tricks she's learned in her 10+ years as a professional stager. I stood on a chair and took the wire and put a circle of it around top to bottom to see how big you want your circle.
Pick one arm of the chandelier and make the circle line up with the direct opposite arm until all 8 arms are taken up by 4 wire circles.
Neutral colors - white and grey are used in abundance as the backdrop for this contemporary room. They hire some of the best interior designers to create an ambiance that will make their guests feel like they are someplace special, memorable, and comfortable.
We used her photograph of dandelions to inspire the rest of the room, integrating another dandelion pattern on the accent chairs and toss cushions.
Natural textiles such as linen provide a welcome contrast to the simple geometric lines that make up a contemporary space. Tufted sofa and accent chairs are custom designed by our Interior decorator Bharathy Mathees .

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