Repairing your furniture makes the most sense when the cost of fixing the item outweighs buying new. Our leather repair and refinishing service uses state of the art techniques to restore your cars leather interior back to perfect condition.
Other common problems we encounter are colour transfer often found on light coloured leathers from denim jeans - a blue cast is often noticeable on the leather and can't be removed by normal cleaning. Any of these problems can be solved at a fraction of the cost of new original leather covers or re-trimming.
Leather colours are matched to your individual vehicles colour using the very latest computer aided technology and we useA the highest quality leather coatings that will outperform many original manufacturers coatings.
Trimline also offer a comprehensive range of repairs covering most parts found on modern car interiors.
We are also happy to quote for domestic leather upholstery repairs and upholstery cleaning - we have a wide experience of leather sofa, leather suite, leather settee and leather couch repairs. Our leather repair services are available to both trade and retail customers and are mainly on a mobile basis at the customers premises or home. We cover most of central Lancashire including Chorley, Leyland, Preston, Wigan, Ormskirk, Southport, Bolton, Standish, Skelmersdale and Blackburn. We can repair all types of car leather seats, leather upholstery, fabric seats and vinyl seats. Are you looking for a professional furniture repair shop that offers extremely affordable prices and unbeatable service?

Stone chips, hail, scratches and little dents – yes, they are aggravating, but the good news is you can give back your Opel its good looks.
Fast because Smart Repair reduces downtime with on-the-spot repairs on windscreens, body paints or upholsteries.
Minor damages to the vehicle body, scratches when parking the car – they do occur sometimes. With Opel Smart Repair we will even restore the surface textures of your Opel to a near-original state.
Small damages such as cracks to your car’s plastic parts can be fixed without replacing them, providing you as an Opel owner with a cost-effective solution.
Drivers seats are particularly prone to premature wearing on the side bolsters due to the constant rubbing effect caused by simply getting in and out of the car. Scratches caused by clothing buttons and studs - and damage caused by pets are other common problems.
These include dashboards, door trim panels, carpets, headlinings, and many other components. In many cases, windscreens can be repaired rather than replaced, making it an efficient way to save money. But thanks to our innovative paint spray technique, we can quickly repair larger spots of damaged body paint. When it comes to stability, function, and appearance, professionally repaired plastic parts are comparable to new parts.

Leather Sofa RepairLeather sofa repair can be challenging, but we have mastered the art with over 25 years of experience. Opel Smart Repair can easily repair these damages, so you can get back on the road and feel safe – and look good! But we can provide a paintless dent removal that gets rid of small dents – such as hail damages – from your car’s body without the need to do any paintwork at all. We have over 35 years of professional industry experience and have all the skills to make your upholstery and furniture look beautiful again.
Damaged dashboards, door cladding, centre consoles, and leather covers can be restored to your satisfaction.
Complications such as sun damage, salt water exposure, and mold mean only the best and most experienced technicians should work on your chair.
When you are in need of furniture repair or upholstery repair make sure to call the professionals at Coverage Upholstery & Furniture repair.
We handle all types of boating chair needs.Patio Furniture RepairWe are specialized repairing patio furniture.

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