Repairing your furniture makes the most sense when the cost of fixing the item outweighs buying new. Are you looking for a professional furniture repair shop that offers extremely affordable prices and unbeatable service? RV Upholstery offers upholstery restoration services that effectively make your caravan feel like new again and increase its resell value. RV Upholstery founder and owner Kurt Armstead says that restoring your caravans upholstery has many significant benefits. Armstead says he gets a lot of great feedback from customers who have restored their caravan or vehicle which he attributes to RV Upholstery's skilled craftsmen and quality materials. With summer just around the corner, more people are preparing their caravan for the holiday period.

Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. We can repair just about any kind of interior upholstery and expertly match the original colors.
Leather Sofa RepairLeather sofa repair can be challenging, but we have mastered the art with over 25 years of experience. Specialising in the recreational vehicle space, their services include lounges, seats, curtains and pelmets, bed heads, embroidery and all custom work. We have over 35 years of professional industry experience and have all the skills to make your upholstery and furniture look beautiful again. Armstead leads a team of over 10 employees, who work together to complete jobs to a high standard in a short amount of time.

Complications such as sun damage, salt water exposure, and mold mean only the best and most experienced technicians should work on your chair.
When you are in need of furniture repair or upholstery repair make sure to call the professionals at Coverage Upholstery & Furniture repair. RV Upholstery also service many customers in the marine industry where upholstery weathers more quickly from direct sunlight and water exposure.
We handle all types of boating chair needs.Patio Furniture RepairWe are specialized repairing patio furniture.

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