Are you looking for a professional furniture repair shop that offers extremely affordable prices and unbeatable service? We specialise in repairing all eras of furniture, whether it be modern, retro, vintage or antique. We can also carry out Insurance assessment quotes and reports for you should your furniture be covered by your accidental Insurance coverage policy. We are able to carry out furniture repairs and restorations in residential homes and commercial premises, such as hotels, restaurants, offices, etc, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and further afield. Our passion is the repair and restoration of antique furniture, there is nothing more satisfying than returning a beautiful piece back to its original glory, not matter what the condition. We get a lot of Retro furniture into the workshop and we really enjoy the style of these pieces. We love restoring vintage furniture and we get some amazing pieces coming through our workshop.

If you have a loved piece of vintage furniture that could do with restoration, get in touch, we can pop out to your place and give a no obligation quote.
Dear Mark, Kieran and team,Just wanted to say Thank You for an absolutely fabulous job on our chairs. Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing has become known as the leading Northwest furniture refinisher. From simple quality furniture to elaborate masterpieces…our craftsmen will restore your furniture to its original beauty! Queen Ann Upholstery has refinished multiple items for me in the past year and have done a superb job with wonderful customer service.
As a progressive and innovative organization, Queen Anne is committed to earning lifelong customers by offering world-class service and distinctive quality.
Our furniture repair and restoration services include scratch, dents, and structural repairs for all types of wood furniture.

We offer fine craftsmanship and custom finishes along with top-notch repairs and restoration.Our attention to detail and color matching is what we are known for and you are only limited by your imagination. We have over 35 years of professional industry experience and have all the skills to make your upholstery and furniture look beautiful again. When you are in need of furniture repair or upholstery repair make sure to call the professionals at Coverage Upholstery & Furniture repair.

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