UV Systems, for water from tanks, lakes, rural dams, ponds, rivers and creeks, DI water, Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems, UV Water Treatment Systems with Water Filter combinations, Tank Water UV Systems, Tank Water UV Treatment Systems, pool water, domestic, commercial, industrial – UV Systems. Our UV Water Treatment Systems are made for domestic, commercial & industrial application to suit all water conditions and flow rate requirements. With a well stocked warehouse, experienced staff and efficient supply system we can deliver UV Systems, UV Lamps & replacement parts quickly and securely anywhere in Australia, NZ and the South Pacific Region. With Decades of experience we ensure that your UV System is correctly sized to deliver the UV dose required to make your water safe to use, whether it be in, residential, commercial or industrial applications. UV Systems with Water Filter Combinations, for tank water, bore water, rainwater, domestic, residential, whole house, commercial, industrial, for Australian Conditions.
KEEPING WATER FIT FOR LIVE – Sixty per cent of the Australian population depend partially or fully on private tank water. Water treatment without the use of toxic chemicals is vital to keep our water suitable for life. UV Drinking Water Purification Systems are an effective and economical means of water disinfection and water sterilization, by eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses and other microbes from drinking water, regardless of its source. Expensive software is applied in the precision engineering and manufacture of our UV systems. When you purchase a UV System from us, you can be assured that the size of your UV system has been calculated using all factors involved which are necessary for an affective UV dose, such as the quality of your water, exposure time, UV transmittance and intensity. Water sourced from rainwater tanks, bores, private dams, rivers, creeks, lakes, may look clear but have a high content of organic chemicals and suspended particles not visible to the eye, which would affect UVT. By sending us a water sample of 50 ml, we conduct a free test of your water’s UV Transmittance (UVT). We stock an extensive range of UV Replacement Lamps and UV Spare Parts to suit most brands and sizes of UV systems. APT Aqua Pure offers the best value for money of any ultraviolet systems available in the Australian market.
With an extensive stocking list and efficient delivery system, we can deliver UV systems, UV Replacement Lamps and UV Spare Parts quickly and securely anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific Region. Our UV systems are correctly sized for the correct UV dosage and exposure time of the water to be treated.
To ensure that the water is very clean and free of particulate matter and dissolved organics that can shield microbes from the UV radiation, we recommend that filtration is part of your Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems. UV SYSTEMS WITH WATER FILTER COMBINATIONS – all-in-one whole house water filtration systems with UV treatment. APT AQUA PURE WHOLE HOUSE UV WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS are characterised by a high degree of efficiency. Operators of business and facilities supplying water from private sources have a responsibility to ensure that their water complies with Australian Drinking Water Standards. UV Systems may be installed with automatic Water Softenes, Carbon Filters and Sediment Filters. We guarantee an effective disinfection of your water and full compliance of equipment with all regulatory requirements. 1--Application The lamps have been widely used in balcony, windowsill, kitchen, garden, and also been used in various farms.
The Sierra Monitor 3600-I Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detector from Sierra Monitor Corporation (USA), detects fuel and gas fires at long distances with the highest immunity to false alarms. You are requesting more details on: Flame Detectors Helps Improve Fuel and Gas Fire Safety. Your details will be referred to Sierra Monitor Corporation and they will provide you with more information regarding this press release themselves.
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Two methods have been proposed to combat this problem: onboard ballast water treatment and ballast water exchange. As well as being unsafe, open ocean ballast water exchange is difficult to regulate and to monitor, so many operators simply do not do it.
To help operators confront these requirements Hanovia, in tandem with the leading systems integrators, has devised a UV disinfection system that, in conjunction with a filter, kills or removes virtually all microorganisms present in ballast water. The entire system has a very small footprint and can be mounted at any angle, making it easy to install even in the confined spaces of a vessel’s equipment room. Your details will be referred to Hanovia Ltd and they will provide you with more information regarding this press release themselves. A large amount of money was invested in order to comply with Australian safety standards and plumbing regulations, including State Governments water quality standards.
Rivers and Creeks are open to contamination by animals and studies have shown that most rain water tanks contain a significant degree of microbes. Microbial growth due to contaminated water or ingredients can cause discolouration, off flavours and shortened shelf-life. In the Australian outback, hundreds of thousands of people have mainly bore water as their supply. The water’s clarity is not an effective indicator, because both solid and dissolved material can absorb UV light.
We take great care ensuring that your UV system will provide safe water and reliable operation. We can supply UV Systems for backwash type water filters and water softeners to suit most industrial and municipal installations.
2--Principle and Function As per the research from Entomologists, the insect and moth are most sensitive to light.
As a professional manufacturer and distributor, we have received the great reputation for our reliable professional and classic services, especially for the progress we have made in innovative products in the LED illumination field.
Energy-saving, economical light sources, the ultraviolet radiation intensity of high energy2. As the name suggests, ballast water treatment involves treatment of ballast water prior to discharge, while ballast water exchange involves ballasting and de-ballasting in the open ocean before coming into ports and coastal waters. Because of this the IMO is setting much tougher standards to control ballast water practices and has published two Conventions to tackle the problem. The combined system comprises a high intensity, medium pressure UV disinfection unit and an automatic back-flush filter.
Tank Water and Municipal tap water can become contaminated by cryptosporidium, giardia E.Coli, staphylococcus, legionella and many other harmful micro organisms. The threat of contamination is further increased as manufacturers respond to demands for less chemical additives and preservatives. For example: iron and calcium in water are not visible to the human eye but absorb UV light and have a negative impact on UVT. They like certain lights, especially the wavelength around 320~380nm, UVA rays to attract them to fly in. Much of this water contains marine microorganisms such as zooplankton, algae, bacteria and the eggs, cysts and larvae of various species. This open ocean exchange is not an ideal solution as it is potentially unsafe and can destabilise the vessel.
The first is the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), dealing with waste and sewage discharge from ships (ratified in 2003), and the second is the Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention, to control the spread of alien species (due for ratification in 2009).
After passing through the filter to remove larger organisms, the ballast water flows into the UV chamber to destroy smaller organisms. It can be controlled by a master PLC unit which can be integrated into the vessel’s machinery automation network.
At the same time, we can offer the most competitive price to our customers so as to provide maximum values.

While many die in transit, some survive and invade the local marine environment, out-competing native species and causing serious damage to native ecosystems. Also, because existing ballast water exchange systems do not completely drain the tanks, sediment and a residual amount of water can remain, leaving behind non-indigenous species which could be discharged in port later. Under the BWM Convention, vessels will have to treat all ballast water so that discharges contain less than 10 viable organisms per cubic metre equal to or greater in size than 50 µm in size. During de-ballasting, the water bypasses the filter but again flows through the UV chamber where further irradiation kills any remaining microorganisms. The UV unit is equipped with automatic wipers to keep the UV lamps clean, and the only maintenance required by the crew is the replacement of the UV lamps once a year and occasional preventative maintenance procedures. All employees in Deplux Lighting believe that the good quality is sole condition for an enterprise to exist and develop. Leaving comments on product information and articles can assist with future editorial and article content. Environmental damage caused by ballast water is now regarded as one of the greatest threats to the world’s oceans. In order to supply quality products to customers, Deplux Lighting has built up a perfect quality control system and also has a capable and skilled inspection team with professional level.
Top Quality Every item we produced is of TOP quality, and this has been our basic policy after the establishment of our company, and the base of mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. The quality control is carried out strictly throughout whole processes, covering raw material procurement, manufacture, storage, painting, packing and delivery. Reliable and Classic Service Whenever and wherever you place the orders to us, your requirement for the soonest delivery will be guaranteed.
The check, test and review are vital parts of quality control, which includes mechanical test, non-destruction examination, dimension and surface inspection, mechanical test and inspecting review for imported parts.
Under any conditions, you will receive our reply for any of your questions either by fax or by E-mail within 24 hours. In the market worldwide, you could find many type of luminaries to produce Yellow-light, such as yellow incandescent bulb, yellow light LED, yellow FLC and etc..
Sufficient technical assistance and flexible sales policy will be provided in the actual business operation. However, after we researched we have found the light with the peak wavelength at 580nm is most effective in Yellow-light.
The loyal service can go through all over the sales by offering efficient answers to the inquiries, arranging the prompt shipment and providing various after-sales supports. Continuous Innovation The innovation is always the first factor and the most important thing for us. So for FL lamps it is best to select them to make effective mosquito repelling lamp.Mosquito Repelling Lamp is a kind of fluorescent lamps to produce Yellow-light with peak wavelength at 580nm.
The development research in new items, applied products, the structure of organization as well as more efficient operation has never ceased in our company.
We sincerely hope that both of our suppliers and customers can benefit from this innovation in any degree.
Mosquito Repelling Lamp is harmless, non-toxic, no radiation and will not make any damage or pollution to the environment, it is safe and reliable to use against the other chemical solution. The most competitive price The consolidate friendship and long-term business relationship with every customer are always our targets, and we shall constantly dedicate our best efforts to providing the maximal values.

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