The Ultraviolet Index (UVI) is an international, scientific measure of the level of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) reaching the Earth's surface. The major cause of skin cancer is over exposure to UVR from the sun, particularly during childhood and adolescence. People often get sunburnt on a cooler day because they tend to stay outside longer rather than seeking shade or covering up as on a hot day. The 'ozone hole' that occurs over the Antarctic continent during the spring of each year never extends over New Zealand. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Most astrologers are aware that Venus is never more than 48 degrees from the Sun in an astrology chart. When Venus is at its eastern elongation, Venus can be seen in the western sky just after sunset. This beautiful photo of Venus and the Crescent Moon was taken by Jay Ouellet in Quebec Canada on May 19, 2007. In addition, when Venus is at its eastern elongation, the Crescent Moon conjoins Venus and the Balsamic Moon squares Venus, with the Sun residing at the midpoint of the square. Conversely, when Venus is at its western elongation, the Balsamic Moon conjoins Venus and the Crescent Moon squares Venus, with the Sun residing at the midpoint of the square. Thus, a coherence occurs between the Crescent and Balsamic Lunar Phases and Venus durring the Venus elongations. The following animated illustration shows a sequence of Crescent and Balsamic Moons occurring over a two year period and when the Lunar Phase-Venus coherences occur. Elongations occur before and after each Earth-Venus synod (before and after the start of each new Earth-Venus synodic cycle). Thus, the Venus-Lunar Phase coherencies nests within each Venus synodic cycle, occurring near the beginning of a synodic cycle and toward the end of the synodic cycle. The Venus-Lunar Phase coherencies bring each Earth-Venus synodic cycle theme into our experiential realm through these very significant aspects occurring in the lunar spiral of growth--at the beginning of the lunar cycle (on the Crescent Moon) and at the end of the lunar cycle (on the Balsamic Moon).

When the elongations occur, we can experrience a few successive Crescent Moon-Venus conjunctions or Balsamic Moon-Venus conjunctions--extending over a few lunar cycles. During these coherencies, our attention is brought back to Matters of the Heart (all Venus related issues) at the time of the Crescent Moon and at the time of the Balsamic Moon. The Crescent Moon in the lunar cycle is when we start to apply our creativity with the original cycle's theme.
The Balsamic Moon in the lunar cycle is when we coalesce our experience in the lunar cycle into its essence, or seed form, and turn in anticipation to the next lunar cycle about to begin--and again, with the influence of Venus.
To deeply hydrate and soothe your skin, we invoked the force of nature and created our bio serum with Immortelle (Helichrysum italicum).
Always applied externally, our Bio-Serum Italicum brings you the healing power of Helychrysum Italicum.
Our bio serum with Immortelle is a true skin care because it heals sunburn and amplifies the effect of the day or the night creams when applied apriori.
C for Care blog This blog was sponsored by 2KB2 Healthcare to give you the maximun information on the field of Health and care. Ce blog est sponsorise par la marque canadienne 2KB2 healthcare pour vous donner le maximum d'informations dans le domaine des soins et de la sante. Even if exposure does not cause obvious sunburn, damage still occurs and builds up over the years.
This happens almost daily between September and April, and can happen in winter, especially at high altitudes and in snow.
The synod is also the time when Venus is moving from east of the Sun to west of the Sun as seen from Earth (during its retrograde.) See Synodic Cycles and Planetary Retrogrades to learn more about synodic cycles.
This is one of the many Venusian synchronicities occurring in our evolutionary spiral of growth created by the symphony of planetary synodic cycles. Interestingly, and as mentioned earlier, these coherencies occur before the end of one Venus synodic cycle and after the start of the next, emphasizing the Venus synodic cycle transition through the Lunar Cycles. Our skin as well as that of our children, is not yet loaded with melanin (a pigment which protects the body by absorbing solar radiation) is affected by sunburn and itching.

An excessive exposure has negative health effects, including sunburn and increased risk of skin cancer. Even when the temperature is not hot the UVR levels can be dangerous so temperature is not a good indicator of the need to protect yourself. The 'diffraction spikes' emanating from Venus are from the camera lens adding to the photo's magic. Also, it is skin anti-inflammatory, anti-hematoma, and a lymphatic and circulatory enhancer.
For toddlers, a protective hat and appropriate clothing are mandatory during periods of intense sunshine. UVR can penetrate light cloud cover, so even on cloudy days, and days that may have intermittent showers, you may still be at risk. Notice that the angular distance the Moon is from the Sun at these two phase transitions is quite close to the distance of Venus' elongations (within a couple of degrees). It has anti-hematoma properties, strengthens the resistance of the veins and the blood vessels, and stimulates the skin microcirculation. Helychrisum Italicum is offering your skin its immortality with its toning, moisturizing and healing properties.
Because of this, we experience Venus-Crescent Moon conjunctions and Venus Balsamic Moon conjunctions when Venus is at or near its elongations.
If the burn is severe (multiple blisters, poor general condition, etc), the best is to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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