Given below are some effective hair growth therapy treatments that prevent hair loss and infuses new hair growth. Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP is yet another amazing hair growth therapy that can give you remarkable results. See why Narrowband UVB home phototherapy is an effective alternative to clinic phototherapy in this study of 25 patients using Solarc devices in the Ottawa area.
Makes it easier to keep to your treatment schedule – fewer missed visits means better results. Can reduce and often eliminate the use of topical creams and ointments; saving time and money.
Under physician supervision, can often be used in combination with topical medications for even greater results. Artificial light sources have the advantage of providing only the most therapeutic wavelengths of UV light, while minimizing the potentially harmful non-therapeutic wavelengths.
If you have had success at the phototherapy clinic, home phototherapy will almost certainly work. Hair loss due to ageing and medical treatments like chemotherapy is temporary and does not require any treatment.

In this therapy the follicular stem cells are treated to stimulate hair re-growth that is then multiplied and the cells are ultimately re-implanted on the scalp. In LLLT laser light is used to stimulate hair growth and a light emitting device or LED is used for exposing laser to the bald areas.
In this therapy, blood is collected from the patient and then centrifuged to collect plasma with platelets. Not surprisingly, most people living far away from the earth's equator have a Vitamin-D deficiency, especially in the winter. However hair loss at an early age can be embarrassing and a major setback for your confidence level. The light of specific wavelength is exposed for prolonged duration to promote hair re-growth.
This platelet-rich plasma is either rubbed or injected onto scalp to promote hair re-growth. These hair losses can be triggered by anything from scalp infection to unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. Hair growth therapies are an excellent means to control this underlying problem and also prevent further damage. Previously, the bald section on the head was considered to be devoid of any follicular cells.

On absorbing the laser light, the energy of the hair tissue molecules is considerably increased and the ‘excess energy’ triggers adaptive changes.
But repeated research and studies have shown that the follicular stem cells are only dormant. In order to get better success results, there should be 3-4 sessions of LLLT every week with each session lasting minimum 25 minutes.
This therapy triggers these dormant follicular stem cells and through hair multiplication, hair is regenerated.
This should be done for nearly six months and after which there are just few maintenance sessions that need to be done. The Stem Cell therapy is still under research and clinical trials and the success rates will increase with time.

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