Short wave infrared heating elements, or infrared emitters comprise a linear coiled metal filament surrounded by a clear quartz envelope (tube). The power savings of a short wave heating system can be substantial compared to convection heating. The construction of a short wave infrared heating lamp means that large amounts of heat are delivered quickly, but also with extreme efficiency. One of the main advantages of short wave infrared heating is the small size of the installation. The Switch MPLS - modular personal lighting system - is designed as a personal task light that offers very light weight and unmatched versatility.
Infrared heat is actually light, whereby heat is the result of the product absorbing the infrared light. Combining functionality with intuitive design is the name of the game when you have a dual LED head on a flexi-neck platform.Specialty lighting colors are important when accomplishing tasks that require night vision preservation, the Switch MPLS will always turn on in the low mode of these specialty colors, but with a 2 second hold of the large push button, the Switch MPLS will activate the bright white LED mode for better illumination.

A short wave infrared heating is one of themost efficient form of heating, delivering large amounts of energy instantly to where it matters most : onto the product, and no unnecessary heating of  the surrounding infrastructure. When we designan infrared heatingsystem the properties of light must be considered: absorption, transmission and reflection.
For example , consider a standard  powder coating application: a typical convection oven will be atleast 10-20 meters in length. Because the system has a zero warm up time, it can be switched off during times when there is no product on the line, when there is a breakdown or even when operators go to lunch. Quartz is translucent to IR radiation, which means the quartz envelope of the infrared lamp does not absorb the infrared radiation. Convection systems need hours to reach operating temperature and cannot be switchedoff without compromising production time. Typical heating elements like stainless steel, silicide, ceramic tiles, 50% of the energy is wasted just heating up the element itself.

Infrared heating systems are small, compact and easily retrofitted into existing processes. Unlike gas convection systems, electric infrared heating requires no maintenance and ongoing compliance is not required. The lifetime of the quartz infraredtwin tube, when installed correctly will be in excess of 100000 hours.

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