Welcome!I hope that you find this website useful!Please explore the links below for the study notes and questions for each subject! Scientists classify EMR by its wavelength, the distance between two consecutive crests of a wave.
Which of the following make(s) use of ultraviolet radiation?(1) scanning to see an image of a developing baby inside the womb(2) treating cancer(3) sterilisationa.

Human eyes it turns out are only sensitive to the range that is between wavelength 380 nanometers and 750 nanometers in length. Light it turns out is a form of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), fluctuations of electric and magnetic fields which move through space as waves move over the surface of a pond. The electromagnetic spectrum includes radio waves , infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays.

Which of the following electromagnetic waves will cause heating?(1) radio waves(2) infrared radiation(3) X-raysa.

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